How to pass JAMB without Textbooks in 2024

Preparing for JAMB is not as easy as most people think, but the dream of every JAMB candidate is to pass JAMB. Is there an easy step-by-step guide on how to pass JAMB?

Most candidates read tons of textbooks, both official and unofficial textbooks; sometimes they end up failing and start blaming something or someone else.

How to pass JAMB

In the past, it was unthinkable for anyone to sit for JAMB examination without the use of textbooks, but passing JAMB nowadays doesn’t depend on how many textbooks you read, but rather on how much right information about each of your preferred JAMB examination subjects.

How To Prepare Effectively For JAMB 

The preparation for JAMB doesn’t exclude some basic etiquettes that are vital in the process of passing JAMB with flying colours.

Flying colours In JAMB is not just hitting the 150 cutoff mark, rather it means to score above 300 in JAMB. Enough marks to make you stand out.

Below are steps to be taken to ensure maximum success in JAMB:

1. Preparing for JAMB early:

One of the top secrets to passing JAMB in flying colours is to start preparing early. There is a saying that goes thus: “the early bird catches the worm”, so preparing early for JAMB will enable a candidate to have some flexibility in his pattern of reading and provide a cushion for any circumstances that may arise in the process of JAMB preparations. Those circumstances may include occasional laziness and family issues among others.

2. Aim for a high score:

Setting goals in terms of an ideal high JAMB score that can give one an edge in a top exam like JAMB, can go a long way in boosting chances of getting high scores in JAMB. To pass JAMB, you need to have a target, and at least enough marks to increase your chances of getting admission in your dream school.

JAMB candidates are advised to have a vision of what they intend to achieve in JAMB examination and work effectively towards it.

Setting a high goal is never bad, instead, it may propel you just close enough to your goal, which is very laudable.

Imagine if you planned and worked towards getting a 320+ JAMB score, and you end up getting 280 in JAMB; inasmuch as you didn’t achieve your goals of 320 and above, you are still on track and far above a host of other candidates who sat for JAMB with you.

3. Consistency in studying:

Consistency is a factor of success that can never be underestimated. If you are consistent in your preparation for JAMB, by reading and attempting JAMB past questions, you will be surprised at how good you will become when you meet your fellow JAMB candidates, or when you see similar questions that you have attempted.

Consistency in studying also entails setting goals for each study session, and eliminating procrastination in any way possible, or at least to the minimum.

4. Making use of JAMB syllabus:

This is among the first materials to be given out to be given to a successfully registered JAMB candidate. The importance of JAMB syllabus in preparation for JAMB should not be underestimated.

The JAMB syllabus contains a list of JAMB-approved topics for each of the subjects offered in JAMB. So any preparation for JAMB that doesn’t involve the use of JAMB syllabus may be suicidal, because the candidate may focus on topics that are not included in the JAMB syllabus (which is very unlikely to happen).

Every JAMB candidate is advised to include the JAMB syllabus in whatever method of preparation they are indulging in. You can’t write off the use of JAMB syllabus if you want to pass JAMB.

5. Make use of JAMB past questions:

The use of JAMB questions has existed as long as JAMB has existed. It’s just like candidates are just conditioned to refer to JAMB past questions in their preparation for JAMB and it’s very commendable.

Candidates who are not making use of JAMB past questions to study should ensure they use it, especially when they are done with studying; they can use the related JAMB past questions to test themselves on what they have read at that point.

Using JAMB questions in JAMB examination preparation has some advantages which cannot be underrated:

(a)  JAMB past questions will help a JAMB candidate to familiarize themself with the type and structure of questions that are usually set in JAMB.

(b) JAMB past questions can test a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, and he will be able to work on where he’s lacking.

(c)  Increased efficiency and accuracy in attempting JAMB questions can be achieved with the aid of JAMB past questions.

6. Teaming up with brilliant minds:

When someone is relating closely with people who are like-minded, he will be bound to measure with them. This also applies to JAMB preparations, if you relate with people that are working hard to pass JAMB, then you yourself will pass JAMB.

JAMB candidates are encouraged to link up and exchange ideas with fellow candidates who are diligent in their studies or working consistently in the preparation for JAMB. This would inspire them to get better and boost their confidence in themselves and in their abilities.

The above-listed steps are tested and proven ways of preparing for JAMB, and getting the scoreline that is enough to secure a place in any of Nigeria’s academic grounds of learning..

Do you know you can pass JAMB Without Using A Textbook?

Inasmuch as every JAMB candidate is encouraged to study with textbooks, there is a possibility that some candidates cannot study with a textbook, they fare well with other resources but never with a textbook. This is very common among candidates who are to sit for subjects that involve calculations and graphs.

There are other ways for such candidates to prepare and pass JAMB without the use of a textbook.

There are YouTube classes, where JAMB candidates can be given comprehensive tutoring about the subjects they are sitting for in JAMB, but a recommended high-quality online JAMB tutorial is “Flashlearners“, where candidates can be taught all the JAMB-approved topics and shown the ways around each of them.

It’s very easy to access the videos. An interested JAMB candidate just needs to go on YouTube and search “Flashlearners”, then start learning from their list of JAMB-approved topics in different subjects. Be rest assured that your JAMB preparation will be the same as anyone who attends the regular JAMB lessons.

Without the use of textbooks, Flashlearners have the following features which are structured to aid JAMB candidates in their examination preparations.

1. They simplified all the approved topics of the JAMB syllabus into 120 videos. So every edge and turn of the approved topics were explained.

2. The topics are simple and detailed. They also incorporated study materials such as pictures, and graphs to ensure smooth learning and understanding.

3. JAMB past questions and possible questions to be set, are attempted and solved after every class.

This is to bring the JAMB candidates to the reality of JAMB questions and the ways the questions are structured.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Pass JAMB.

How can a candidate prepare for JAMB effectively?

There are steps that are outlined to help candidates that are preparing for JAMB. They include:
a. Getting a good studying environment for oneself.
b. Avoid distraction.
c. Going for JAMB CBT lessons.
All these in addition to the steps listed in this article will go a long way in helping a candidate who’s preparing for JAMB.

Is JAMB hard to pass?

JAMB is not hard as many people make it look. It is one of the easiest exams in the country, you just need to follow special reading tips, focus on the topics listed in the JAMB syllabus, and use the right resources; your chances of scoring a high jamb score are enhanced.

JAMB examination, like every other examination, needs to be prepared for. There are guides that are available to help JAMB candidates to pass JAMB.

It’s just left for them to follow the tips given in the guide and work their way to success in JAMB.

The flex of studying without the use of a textbook is a new innovation that has produced wonderful results. JAMB candidates need to explore this option of not using bulky textbooks in their JAMB preparation and pass with flying colours.

Check out Flashlearners, and make a step towards studying without textbooks. Make a choice early.

Good luck!

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