7 reasons why students score low in JAMB

Year after year, JAMB examinations are conducted in Nigeria yet JAMB tutors and parents wonder why students score low in JAMB examination, and admissions are given to deserving or lucky aspirants every year.

But there is a section of the population of candidates that sat for JAMB that couldn’t be considered for admission into any higher institution, because of a reason: low jamb score.

why students score low in JAMB

 About JAMB Scores

JAMB examination can’t be said to be the hardest examination, and can’t be listed as the simplest examination either. The ability to pass JAMB with flying colours depends on a lot of factors, which will be discussed later on in this article. 

JAMB’s overall score for their multiple-option CBT examination is 400. The 400 marks are spread across four subjects: Use of English, and any other three subjects, which are dependent on the candidate’s choice of course of study. 

The minimum JAMB score required to be considered for admission into Nigerian higher institutions is 150, but some schools’ minimum JAMB score can be higher than that.

So if a candidate fails to meet either the minimum JAMB score or scores below the required JAMB score cutoff mark for his preferred course of study; it can be said that the candidate has a low JAMB score.

To score 400 in JAMB is everyone’s dreams, but why do people score low in JAMB.

7 Reasons For Low JAMB Score Among JAMB Candidates.

1. Failing to study and abide by the syllabus: 

The jamb syllabus is a written text, which contains information about all the subjects that JAMB is setting questions on, and the different topics that the questions are going to come from.

Studies have shown that 90% of students who got high JAMB scores are those who studied the JAMB syllabus well. 

A syllabus is a big tool given to candidates by JAMB, to allow them to have areas of concentration while reading, and this has shown positive returns among some students, who ended up scoring high in JAMB as a result of the knowledge of the topics the questions are going to come from.

Studying the syllabus and guiding your studying process with it, will make you focus more on the required areas, and less on irrelevant topics for that year.

Do you even know how many subjects that are written in JAMB?

2. Inadequacy of quality study time. 

 It’s a known fact that if you want to pass exams, then you must study. The same also applies to JAMB. 

Raw intelligence cannot make a student pass exams without studying. However, it may aid his retention and understanding if he’s studying. So no matter how intelligent a student is, he has to study his books, to be able to score high in JAMB and improve his chances of admission.

2. Shallowness in studying

Sometimes, students don’t pay attention to details when they study, they are supposed to study their books in detail so that they can have complete knowledge of that particular topic to be able to attempt every or at least, almost every question. But this may not be the case for a student who studies only examples and thinks he’s ready. But what if complex questions from the rest of the topic come up on your monitor during your exam?

Adequate reading can only do a student more good, than harm.

3. Lack of patience to cross-check their work.

Another factor causing low JAMB scores in candidates is the inability to slow down and go through the questions they have answered. Students who don’t cross-check their work should attempt it one time, and they may be amazed at the wrong choices they may have made in answering the questions, or unattempted questions. 

The reason for crosschecking is to make sure that every question you are given is correct and verifiably so.

4. Inability to remember what was studied. 

This is not an uncommon issue in the area of why students score low in JAMB, students encounter issues like this; going blank in the exam hall because they can’t remember the things they have read. If it happens to a candidate in JAMB exam, there is a high possibility that the student may end up not scoring up to his expected JAMB score. 

But focusing during the exam period can be a good way to reduce the chances of this ‘forgetting what I read’ syndrome in JAMB examinations, and avoid getting a low score in JAMB. 

5. Inadequate sleep or food.

These are underrated factors that may contribute to a decline in academic performance in students.

Research has shown that skipping breakfast contributes to a student’s inability to remember what he has read. 

Studying should not deprive a student of sleep, that’s why it’s necessary to read with a timetable so that you can time yourself, and sleep when it’s time to sleep because lack of sleep can affect academic performances, and cause results such as low JAMB scores.

Jamb Candidates are advised to eat well, sleep well and drink enough water. It helps.

You can also learn how to work while studying for JAMB. It helps right?

6. Instability in Family

 This plays a key role in a student’s life, and it’s capable of affecting his performance in academics.

 Some issues like the death of a loved one, divorce of parents, or relocation can affect a student’s focus and passion for his studies, deteriorate his performance, and result in cases like low JAMB scores.

 7. Procrastination.

This is an issue that is rampant among students. Some JAMB candidates think that ‘there is always enough time to prepare for JAMB’. Lo and behold, JAMB exam day comes and they haven’t done enough studying. They may end up with a low JAMB score.

It will take special magic or malpractice of a high level to get a high JAMB score when you didn’t prepare for a crucial examination like the JAMB examination.

The earlier you prepare for JAMB, the better you become at the art of answering JAMB questions, and the more chance that you won’t end up with a low JAMB score.

The abovelisted reasons form the core of why students score low in JAMB. Can you watch out for the strengths and weaknesses?

Frequently Asked Questions About why students score low in JAMB

What is the highest JAMB score a candidate can get? 

The highest score that can be scored in JAMB is 400. 

Who scored the highest mark in JAMB 2022? 

The JAMB score is 358, and it was scored by Monwuba Chibuzor Chibuikem with JAMB registration number 10054281ID.

What is the minimum JAMB score?

The minimum JAMB score for 2024 is 150.  A candidate must score 150 to be able to be considered for admission into Nigerian higher institutions in 2024.

Why students score low in JAMB is a very common topic on the lips of tutors and students alike. Some factors can affect a student’s performance in examinations.

But there are ways to militate against it, except in some cases like family issues where the candidate or student may have little control over their family instability.

All other listed factors which include inadequate reading time, poor nutrition, and procrastination can be worked on and turned around to deliver a high JAMB score. 

Good luck!

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