How to check JAMB mock result 2024

To check JAMB mock result after sitting for the 2024 JAMB mock, is one of the activities that JAMB candidates do, on the road to preparing for JAMB.

JAMB mock gives JAMB candidates the chance of having a UTME-styled exam experience before the main JAMB UTME examination commences.

JAMB mock exams are held every year before the JAMB UTME examination. For 2024, it will hold on the 30th of March 2024.


The results of JAMB mock are for the candidates to congratulate themselves for a job well done, and to know the areas of their studies that need better concentration or amendment. If they didn’t do well, they can evaluate themselves,and learn how to score high in JAMB.

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How To Check For JAMB Mock Results In 2024

To check JAMB mock result is very simple, especially if you follow the simple steps that I’m about to list you below:

  1. Get a capable web browser like Chrome browser (for internet-enabled mobile phone users) or any PC browser and visit the JAMB mock result portal address.
  2. Input your JAMB details. It may be your JAMB registration number or your JAMB registered email address. 
  3. Tap on the ‘Check my result’ button.
  4. The JAMB mock result will pop up.
  5. Assess your performance.

With these few steps listed, every participant should be able to check their results without hitches.

However, if there are issues while trying to check JAMB mock result, like not seeing your JAMB mock result, it means that you will have to keep refreshing the page as JAMB will keep on updating the mock results as they come. 

Any further issues with JAMB mock results should be communicated to JAMB through [email protected], and the issue will be resolved without wasting time.

Frequently Asked Questions About JAMB Mock Result Checking

Can JAMB mock results be checked through SMS?

No. Currently, there is no provision for checking JAMB mock results through SMS. Maybe JAMB will work on it in the nearest future. But for now, that feature is not available for checking the JAMB mock result.

When can I check my JAMB mock exam result?

JAMB normally releases JAMB mock exam results within 48 hours after the JAMB mock exam has ended. So candidates who sat for the JAMB mock can expect the JAMB mock exam results 24 hours after the exam.

What will happen if I missed my JAMB mock?

Nothing. JAMB didn’t make a provisional for a makeup JAMB mock.
The only thing that can happen to the candidate that missed his mock exam is that, if they attempt to check the JAMB mock exam result portal, they will get a message like “you did not sit for the JAMB mock examination”, besides that; there is no penalty for missing your mock examination.


To check JAMB mock result is the most important way of assessing a candidate’s performance in a JAMB mock. So checking the result is essential to know where to improve, and where he did well and capitalize on that in the JAMB UTME preparations. 

The JAMB mock result portal is an easily accessible way of checking JAMB mock results.

Feel free to check it out now that JAMB mock exam is out.

Good luck.

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