How to print JAMB original result 2024

Every JAMB candidate who scales through the JAMB examination successfully needs to print JAMB original result.

Do you know why? you can only prove that you wrote JAMB, and met the required mark by presenting your original JAMB result.

Every year, thousands of JAMB candidates are admitted into universities, and there are some requirements that are vital for their first-year clearance. They include:

  1. Original result from JAMB portal
  2. Original O’level certificate or statement of result.
  3. The admission letter from JAMB.

There are others that may vary according to the different schools, but the above-named are compulsory for every school, irrespective of their first-year clearance criteria.

Print JAMB original results

Why must you print JAMB Original Result?

  First of all, there are two types of documents that bear the JAMB result figures. They are:

1. The JAMB result slip

2. The original result from JAMB portal.

The JAMB result slip is just the initial slip that contains your JAMB result details, but it cannot be used for any official purposes. 

The original JAMB result can be used for both official and unofficial purposes. So you need to print JAMB original result for the fresher’s clearance exercise in any Nigerian higher institution. 

JAMB charges a fee of N1000 for the printing of a JAMB original result, but that will cover the cost of printing it five times, after which the candidate will be required to pay another 1000 naira. 

Requirements Needed For The Printing Of JAMB Original Result.

Some factors need to be satisfied before the printing of JAMB original result can be done. They include: 

  1. JAMB registered email address.
  2. JAMB registered password
  3. JAMB-issued registration number
  4. Year of examination.
  5. Internet-enabled PC (it can also be accessed through a mobile phone).

Steps On How To Check JAMB Original Result Using JAMB Registration Number.

To check your JAMB original result with your phone or PC and using your JAMB registration number as a pass, follow the steps below:

  1. Use a suitable phone browser. Any browser on a PC can access the JAMB result portal without hitches.
  2. Input the address of the JAMB result-checking portal at 
  3. Log into your JAMB Portal (or create an account if you didn’t have one.). Log into the portal with your JAMB registered email and password.
  4. Proceed to tap on the menu to select the year of examination.
  5. Proceed to click on ‘print result slip’. 
Pint JAMB original result

6. You have to make a payment of N1000 to proceed from this phase. You can make payment from your ATM card (either Mastercard, Visa card, or verve).

7. Your original JAMB result can be printed now.

The result can be saved as a PDF document.

Frequently Asked Questions About JAMB Original Result.

Is there a deadline for candidates to print JAMB original result?

There is no set deadline for the printing of the JAMB original result. It can be printed at any time, either at will or time of importance.

How compulsory is JAMB original result?

The JAMB original result is important during first-year students’ admission clearance exercises. The JAMB original result can also be required at other different stages of the school clearances.

The JAMB result slip is just like the forerunner for the original JAMB result, which is the official document recognized for declaring the JAMB result. 

They may bear the same figures as the JAMB result slip, but they are the only recognized document among the pair that can be used for admission clearances.

JAMB charges a fee for its printing, and the one-time payment can serve you five times if you print JAMB original result from the JAMB Portal.

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