How to print JAMB original result slip by yourself

After the JAMB examination every year, every JAMB candidate has to print JAMB original result. This activity is usually done after getting news that the JAMB result for that year has been released. This time is a time for candidates to reassess themselves, and make a decision about what they want to do after they have seen the JAMB result.

Factors to keep in mind about JAMB results

  1. The JAMB result is accessible only to people who wrote JAMB that year, so for 2022; only candidates that sat for JAMB 2022 will be able to access their JAMB results. Sorry, that’s how JAMB made it.
  2. Checking JAMB results is temporal, there is a limit that a candidate can access the JAMB result uploaded to his profile. The maximum limit for checking the JAMB result is 5 times, at most.
print JAMB original result

JAMB original result

The JAMB original result is the only accepted JAMB result that can be used in processing admission into Nigerian higher institutions, and it contains more information than a regular JAMB result. This result is quite different from the ordinary jAMB result both physically and in usage.

So, you need to know the difference between the original JAMB result and an ordinary JAMB result. Below is a table showing the three differences:

S/NOriginal JAMB resultOrdinary JAMB result
1This is the officially recognized result that can be used to process admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions.This result is just a display of a JAMB candidate’s grades in JAMB. No extra use.
2It is permanent. It can be gotten at any time.This variant of JAMB result is temporary. It can only be accessed a maximum of 5 times.
3This result contains the candidate’s passport and every other necessary detail.This result doesn’t contain any passport. It just contains JAMB registration number and the JAMB grades.

How to print JAMB original result

Printing the original JAMB result is the first way of validating its use, as it is usually presented physically (in some cases, multiple photocopies are needed by schools) during clearances. Little wonder the clearance exercise is tagged “Physical Clearance”.

To print the original JAMB result requires a candidate to take the following steps:

  1. Log into your JAM profile at
  2. After logging in successfully, go to the left side of the panel, where a list of services is displayed. Choose “Print Result Slip”.
  3. When the “Print Result Slip” page is fully loaded, tap on the “Continue with Payment” button to make payment using Remitta system or the Unified payment system.
  4. After making payments.
  5. Choose your ‘exam year’.
  6. Enter your ‘JAMB registration Number’.
  7. Proceed to print.

NB: The most acceptable version of this result is the coloured version of this result.

It is also advised that JAMB candidates send the downloaded coloured version to their email so that it can be accessible at any time.

Frequently asked questions about the printing JAMB original result

How much to print JAMB original result?

It costs N1000 to print the original JAMB result.

Is there a deadline for printing original JAMB result?

No, there is no deadline for the printing of the original JAMB result.
It will be nice to remind you that for every N1000 paid to print the JAMB result, you are allowed to print it a maximum of 5 times. So every N1000 paid online guarantees you 5 times of accessing your original JAMB result. How’s that?

The printing of the original JAMB result is one of the last but most important activities to be done on the JAMB portal before and after a candidate’s admission into a tertiary institution is processed. 

This result is evergreen, as it can be accessed at any time of need, with a fee of N1000 to be paid after which it can be accessed 5 times.

Don’t panic. Proceed to print JAMB original result using the steps listed in this article.

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