What are the 9 Art Subjects in WAEC?

If you are an art student, or you aspire to study art courses, you must bear in mind that your final year examination questions will be formed from WAEC subjects for art students.

Thousands of students sit for the WAEC examination every year, and every student is mandated to submit a maximum of 9 WAEC subjects. In essence, WAEC art subjects must not exceed 9.

WAEC subjects for art students

In secondary schools, at the beginning of the penultimate year, students are mandated to choose a specific subject area. The subject areas depend on the dream course of study or the dream occupation of the student. There are three subject areas for senior secondary students. The three categories of students are:

  1. Science students
  2. Art students
  3. Commercial students.

These categories of students are for students who study Science, art, and commercial, in the order that it was listed.

 In the WAEC examination, the art students are mandated to choose a maximum of 9 subjects, and a minimum of 8 subjects.

The 9 core art subjects in WAEC

There are more than 20 possible subjects that are available for art students to fill in the necessary subject required by the WAEC examination board.

The art subjects compulsorily include all of either of the following:

  1. English language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Civic Education
  4. Literature in English.
  5. Government or history.
  6. Christian/Islamic religious studies 
  7. Language (Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba).
  8. Economics
  9. One trade subject.

These above-listed subjects are mandatory for every art student in WAEC. But that notwithstanding, there are other subjects that can substitute any of the above-listed art subjects. They include:

  1. Agricultural science
  2. Biology
  3. Arabic studies
  4. French 
  5. Music
  6. Commerce.

English language and mathematics as compulsory art subjects in WAEC

The presence of these two popular subjects is not new to any secondary school student, based on the longevity of the subjects in the school curriculum. In essence, English Language and Mathematics form the core of WAEC subjects for art students.

Right from Primary schools, there are emergence and disappearance of subjects as students progress through the classes, but every student that goes through the western education formation is mandated to study English language and mathematics from their first day in Primary school till their last day in the secondary school tier. 

That’s how important and immovable English language and mathematics can be in academics.

This also applies to art students. They are bound to sit for the English language and mathematics examination, then they have the choice of adding any other subjects based on their future academic or professional objectives.

Other Subject combinations in WAEC

Frequently asked questions about art subjects in WAEC

Are languages compulsory for every art student?

No. Registering for any language subject is not compulsory for any art student or any student of any study area. It’s an optional subject for WAEC candidates.

How many trade subjects can an art student register in WAEC?

In choosing WAEC subjects for art students, Art students are advised to register for only one trade subject. 

There are more than 30 trade subjects for selection in WAEC, but art students are advised to choose only one to avoid the stress of sitting for both the theory and practical examinations, as all trade subjects feature a practical session. 

Just like every other study area of the senior secondary school sections, art students have subjects that are specialized to them. 

The WAEC subjects for art students include subjects such as English language and mathematics (civic education is a new addition to this list), then optional subjects to fill up the quota.

This is to tailor their subject selection to suit their future Educational plans or occupations.

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