How to check WAEC result online

After the WAEC examination every year, the next activity on the mind and schedules of most WAEC candidates is checking WAEC results. 

To check WAEC results is a process during which a candidate can be able to check and see his scores or grades in the monumental school certificate examination.

WAEC result checking processes

The process of checking WAEC results has been simplified by WAEC so that every candidate in any location can access their results with ease.

The checking of WAEC results can be done in two ways:

  1. Online
  2. Through SMS.

Checking WAEC results online 

Using this method to check WAEC results doesn’t involve the need for a WAEC scratch card, rather the identity card given to WAEC candidates at the start of WAEC can be used, as it contains the WAEC serial number and result checker pin. They are all you need to access your WAEC result online.

The steps involved include:

  1. Visit the WAEC result-checking portal at
  2. Input your WAEC examination number in the appropriate space.
  3. Choose your WAEC examination year.
  4. Choose your examination type. Choose between school examination or private examination.
  5. Input the serial number of the card.
  6. Input the Card PIN
  7. Click on ‘Submit’, and your WAEC result will be displayed.
Check WAEC result online

How easy was that??

Check WAEC results through SMS

This is arguably the easiest method of checking WAEC results, as it can be done in areas with low internet connectivity.

 The processes involved in checking WAEC results through SMS are: 

  •  An SMS should be sent in the format of “WAEC*Examination number*Examination PIN* Examination year to 32327.
  • The “32327” number is the same for every candidate irrespective of the network provider he’s using.

Things to note:

  1. The format listed above should be strictly adhered to.
  2. The result will be sent to your phone through SMS.
  3. The SMS charge for checking the WAEC result is N30.

Frequently asked questions about checking WAEC results

Can I check WAEC results without a scratch card?

No, the use of the scratch card is essential for whoever wants to check WAEC results. 

How can I buy WAEC scratch card online?

There are ways of purchasing WAEC scratch cards. An interested candidate can be issued with WAEC scratch card at his examination centre, or purchase it from computer centres that sell scratch cards. A new alternative is to buy scratch cards online. And the process is listed below:
1. Visit
2. Choose the option of buying a WAEC scratch card.
3. Choose your preferred method of payment, either bank transfer or online payment.
4. Confirm your payment.
5. The pin will be sent instantly if you paid through online payment, or text message if you paid through bank transfer.
6. Done!

To check WAEC results online is a process that is here to stay, and is meant to allow students to be able to access their results at any time they want to.

Results can be checked online through the official WAEC result checker portal, and its step-by-step procedure was listed in this article.

Good luck.

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