7 tips on how to pass WAEC examination in 2024

Passing the WAEC examination is the highlight of every secondary school student’s life. It marks the end of wearing school uniforms and standing in the assembly hall and the beginning of his advanced academic development or skill acquisition period.

Students need to pass WAEC, as it’s an essential watermark in the academic world. To become a professor in the academic world, you need the WAEC certificate; to become a pilot, you need to present the WAEC certificate to be qualified for training.

 how to pass WAEC examination

Presenting your WAEC result or certificate is not the main concern, but you must pass some subjects, which are compulsory or relevant to your preferred field of study.

In recent years, WAEC has announced high rates of failure among students who sat for the WAEC examination. For example, in 2020, WAEC announced that 75% of the students that sat for WAEC that year failed. This is a cause for worry and a call for every student who’s preparing to sit for WAEC in 2024, to sit up and work harder.

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Tips on how to pass WAEC examination in 2024

1. Self-determination: This is the first step to be taken by any student who wants to pass the WAEC examination in 2024. Psychologists reported that determination is the major drive of every student who will pass an examination.  Passing the WAEC examination is not a hard task as some individuals will paint it to be, but to avoid being in the same bracket of students who couldn’t pass the WAEC examination in one sitting, you need to be determined in your goal of passing WAEC, by studying hard and studying well. When a student studies very well for WAEC, he will become more confident in his abilities to pass, and he will pass eventually.

2. Early preparation: Passing the WAEC examination cannot go without proper and early preparation. To beat failure at its own game, you need to prepare beforehand. To be part of those who will scale the hurdle of WAEC successfully, early preparation is a key factor.  Students have been advised by some scribes that 6 months is enough time to study and pass WAEC without hitches, while some scholars argue that 3 months is enough when the necessary information is available. But to be on the safer side, a student should prepare for the WAEC examination on time, as it will increase his chances of passing the examination, possibly in one sitting.

3. Using WAEC recommended materials: Cutting grasses with a razor blade will have two effects, slowness in the execution of expected tasks and self-harm, as razor blades are not made for cutting grasses, so they can cut you. That’s the same way that using the right materials in studying for WAEC will increase your chances of passing (effectively executing expected task), and avoid cases of reading half-baked materials which will leave you ill-prepared for the quality of questions that are going to be faced in WAEC. So using the right materials such as WAEC-recommended textbooks and WAEC past questions to study makes students to be prepared for whatever comes in the examination hall, as they will be exposed to both the knowledge and the know the structure of the examination questions. With the right materials, passing WAEC is a done deal.

4. Having a reading timetable: Having a scheduled time for an activity creates orderliness in carrying them out, as time or activity clashing will be avoided. When a student has a study timetable to guide his study time and to effectively space out his subjects of interest. This will inevitably lead to success in WAEC, as a student will be well prepared, having touched all the necessary parts of every subject, he will be more confident to attempt WAEC questions and have more chances of passing than a student who read in a haphazard pattern.

5. Learn from the mistake other students made in the WAEC examination: There are mistakes that are commonly done by students in the WAEC examination. They include:

  • Failure to write their names in capital letter
  • Writing a wrong centre number
  • Writing a wrong seat number
  • Writing on the margins
  • Interchanging answers meant for different questions.

These mistakes affect the success rate of students in WAEC. To avoid having an ‘F’ in WAEC, students are advised to watch out to avoid making mistakes such as these in their WAEC examinations. 

6. Don’t depend on examination malpractice: Reliance on examination malpractice to pass the WAEC examination is now a common menace. It’s not advisable for any student who intends to pass WAEC to get involved in any form of examination malpractice in WAEC, as it comes with stiff penalties to discourage students from getting involved in such acts of misconduct. Writing and passing WAEC examinations is not an impossible task, so students are encouraged to desist from seeking illegal assistance of any form in the process of writing their WAEC examinations. You don’t need examination malpractice to pass the WAEC examination.

7. Sitting for WAEC mock examination: Sitting for the WAEC examination is the final step, on how to pass WAEC.  A mock examination is an examination that is styled after the main examination. WAEC mock examination features WAEC-structured questions and is conducted in certified WAEC examination halls. This is to prepare the students mentally ahead of the main examination and increase their confidence in their abilities to pass WAEC without any fear.

WAEC mock examination is just like the WAEC examination, except that the results are not recognized, so it’s just a preparatory examination for every WAEC candidate.

Frequently asked questions about how to pass WAEC

Is WAEC easy to pass?

Yes, WAEC is easy to pass if the questions are understood.

WAEC questions may be complex, so students must take time to understand the question to be able to attempt the question effectively.
The different sections of the WAEC examination need different approaches, to be able to answer them e.g the objective section needs candidates to tick a correct answer and shade well, while the theory section requires students to write in-depth or make a list where needed. 
Understanding is key.

Passing the WAEC examination is a process that has never been so demystified as it has been made to be in this article. 

Passing WAEC examinations is an achievable task, by following necessary steps like studying with a timetable, studying with the right materials, and adhering to the rules of the WAEC examination centre.

Failing WAEC is not an option for you. Do you understand?

Good luck.

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