Is there anything like the JAMB Direct Entry exam? When it comes to the issue of JAMB Direct Entry, so many questions linger in the heart of candidates, and one of them is will I sit for the JAMB Direct Entry exam?


In this article, we will give you the answer to this question and other information you will need about JAMB Direct Entry.

Will you have to sit for JAMB direct entry exam?

No. You will not be required to sit for JAMB direct entry exam. In fact there isn’t anything like JAMB direct entry exam.

What Is JAMB Direct Entry?

JAMB Direct entry is one of the means to gain admission in Nigeria, there are others though like JUPEB, IJMB, NABTEB A’ level, and JAMB UTME.

JAMB Direct Entry program is aimed at people who currently have a diploma certificate and want to enroll in a university degree program. Therefore, you must have already earned a bachelor’s degree from a university in any field, or have received an ND (National Diploma) or HND (Higher National Diploma) from a polytechnic and from Colleges of education, if you will apply for direct entry.

So, a student who first studied Pharmacology at the University, or a Pharmacy technician at the Polytechnic and wants to study Pharmacy, will not have to apply through JAMB UTME to begin from 100.

Instead, will apply to any university of their choice through JAMB Direct Entry, giving them a chance to be admitted into the 200 level.

Now that you know what JAMB Direct Entry entails, can we just quickly check the differences between JAMB Direct Entry and JAMB UTME?

What are the differences between JAMB Direct Entry (DE) and JAMB UTME

1.JAMB DE stands for Direct EntryJAMB UTME stands for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination
2.This is for students who already earned a degree from any University, Polytechnics, or College of Education in Nigeria and want to further their academic pursuits.Students with a diploma, or O’ level certificate who want to start their academic journey sit for this exam.
3.Direct Entry candidates are permitted to apply for JAMB UTME if they want to.JAMB UTME candidates with just O’ level results like WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB can only apply for UTME and not Direct Entry
4.You are admitted straight into the 200 level in any University you apply toYou are admitted into the 100 level once your admission clicks.

Will Direct Entry (DE) candidates write JAMB?

NO, Direct Entry students are not writing and will not JAMB for 2024.

Recently, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) announced that all students who had already enrolled in higher academic institutions are not qualified or eligible to sit for JAMB UTME.

As a result, since direct entry students have previously applied to JAMB and were admitted to the school where they are first enrolled, they will not reapply to JAMB.

This information was published by JAMB’s Public Relations Officer, Mr. Fabian Benjamín.

He said;

“Direct Entry students can only take the school’s aptitude test. But you no longer have to take the JAMB UTME exams. Please note that the school aptitude test is carried out by the universities you want to enroll in.

I think this statement answers our next question; Will Direct Entry (DE) Students write the post-UTME exam?

Will the JAMB Direct Entry (DE) Students write the Post UTME exam?

YES and NO. Direct entry students will either write Post UTME for the selected school of their choice in JAMB or they will not write. This depends entirely on the school.

As Mr. Fabian rightly said, you will not sit for the JAMB UTME exam, but this in no way prevents you from being tested by the school you applied to through JAMB.

But remember that not all universities will conduct post-UTME exams for you, some of these tertiary institutions will set post-UTME exams for you while others will not.

So if you’ve applied to a university that doesn’t write Post UTME then you won’t need to sit for any exam and vice versa.

Will all universities offer a post-UTME exam for Direct Entry students?

No, not all universities offer the post-UTME exam for direct-entry students.

Some universities like UNIBEN, UI, UNILAG, etc., all are known to do Post UTME for students and as such, they will probably do the same for Direct Entry students.

However, other universities do not organize the post-UTME exam for their Direct Entry students.

Do Direct Entry students need JAMB?

Direct Entry students do not require JAMB, it can be done via NABTEB, A Level, JUPEB, or IJMB. However, students wishing to use JAMB’s Direct Entry form must purchase the JAMB Direct Entry form once the form is out on sale.


JAMB Direct Entry students will not take the JAMB UTME exam, but whether or not they will write the Post UTME exam and depends on the school they apply to.

Will I still need to take the JAMB and Post-UTME exams as a Direct entry student?

JAMB Direct Entry exam does not exist, so you will not be writing that.

As for Post-UTME, this depends on your school of choice. If your school insists on Direct entry students writing their Post-UTME exam, then you will have to and vice versa

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