When is WAEC starting in 2024?

When is WAEC starting? This question makes the heart of 67.25% of WAEC candidates skip a beat. Yes, it does. Did yours skip?

The 2024 WAEC examination is scheduled to hold on Monday 8th of May 2024 and end on Wednesday 28th of June 2024

Every year, thousands of students across five West African countries sit for an apex examination. The examination is hosted by a body called “West African Examination Council”, commonly known by its abbreviation ‘WAEC’. 

When is WAEC starting?

The WAEC examination is one of the examinations that are set for secondary school leavers to qualify them as certified graduates of the secondary school system.

Setup of the WAEC examination

The WAEC examination is an examination that tests the students in selected subjects that are relevant to a student’s aspiring course of study or future profession. Students are tested in a minimum of 7 subjects and a maximum of 9 subjects.

The WAEC examination setup consists of 60 objective multiple-choice questions and a theory section, where students are given a choice to choose a stipulated number of questions to answer out of a set of questions, which may range from 4 to 9 questions.

It should be noted that some WAEC examinations feature practical sessions. This practical session is more common with purely science subjects like agricultural science, biology, chemistry, among others- and vocational subjects such as block laying, bricklaying, and concrete works, dyeing and bleaching.

These subjects include practicals, hence practicals are included in their examination layout, to test students in the practical aspect too.

It’s important to note that schools that have issues with equipping their laboratories ahead of the WAEC practical examinations; can still conduct practicals in their schools, just that the practical session will be different from what it would have been, in cases where equipment is readily available. In cases where laboratory equipment is not available for practicals, the WAEC board organizes a form of practical examination called ‘alternative to practicals‘.

This is a pattern for practicals where equipment is not used, and practicals are not done on the spot, or in the laboratories. Rather the practicals will be conducted theoretically i.e they will be written with pen and paper instead of actually conducting the required practicals. 

This form of practical examination is more common in schools in suburban areas, that lack equipped laboratories for WAEC practical examination.

With all the suspense built, When are we going to answer the main worrying question: “When is WAEC starting?”

When is WAEC starting?

The 2024 WAEC examination is scheduled to hold on Monday 8th of May 2024 and end on Wednesday 28th of June 2024

NB: The WAEC examination for 2024 is a test that the final year secondary school students of the year 2024 must scale through, to prove that they have been tested in the secondary school system, and that they can defend their knowledge of what they have learned in their preferred subject. To that effect, the WAEC examination will hold every year to test students’ abilities. 

Students are advised to prepare themselves mentally and academically to be able to scale this important annual test of academic quality.

Quick question please, when is WAEC starting in 2024?

If you forgot the answer, scroll up!

Frequently asked questions about WAEC examination 2024

What is the fee for 2024 WAEC registration?

The current WAEC fee is N18,000 only.

When will the WAEC registration for 2024 start?

The 2024 WAEC examination is scheduled to hold on Monday 8th of May 2024 and end on Wednesday 28th of June 2024

The WAEC examination is an apex examination for final-year students of English-speaking West African countries. This examination, when passed by secondary school students; serves a lot of purposes which include seeking admission into higher institutions, job employment, craftsmanship application, and many more.

The WAEC examination is the highest test of knowledge for secondary school students, and it is important that every student is prepared for the examination as early as they can, to ensure they pass with flying colours.

In essence, Think about when WAEC is starting, and be informed. It may be next week.

Good luck!

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