WAEC subject combination for engineering

Studying any engineering course in the university, doesn’t end with identifying passion for the course, rather it also involves having the right WAEC subject combination for engineering (i.e that branch of engineering) to apply for that course, and keeping the admission if it’s gotten eventually.

To study engineering in the university, there are subject requirements that every WAEC candidate who has that aspiration of studying engineering must meet, to fully validate their plans of studying engineering.

WAEC subject combination for engineering

What is the WAEC Subject combination for engineering aspirants?

Subject combination in WAEC either nullifies or validates a candidate’s plan of studying engineering, because there are subjects that are supposed to be selected, written, and passed (with a credit at least) to increase the chances of being considered for admission into any higher institution through JAMB.

Every arm of the tertiary institution (university, polytechnics, college of education) has criteria that every aspirant of any science course at all must have a credit in selected 5 mandatory subject combination to be considered for admission into a course. The subjects needed by science students or aspirants for science courses must include English language and any other 4 subjects (which are dependent on the aspirant’s preferred course).

The WAEC subject combination for engineering aspirants includes: 

  1. English language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics
  5. Biology, statistics, geography, or agricultural science.

 These five WAEC subjects are to be checked for, in the result of any engineering aspirants. 

  This WAEC subject combination covers aspirants of any engineering department such as:

  1. Metallurgical and material engineering
  2. Mechanical engineering
  3. Electronics engineering
  4. Agricultural engineering
  5. Electrical engineering
  6. Petroleum engineering
  7. Chemical engineering.
  8. Civil engineering

Frequently asked questions about WAEC subject combinations for engineering aspirants

How many subjects are registered in WAEC?

In the WAEC examination, the total number of subjects that a candidate can register for is 9, and the least number is 8.
 In those 9 (or 8) subjects, they are expected to fit in all their core or compulsory subjects, and electives. 

What is the acceptable grade for an engineering aspirant’s WAEC core subjects?

Inasmuch as aspirants of engineering can register their required and correct subject combination in WAEC.
It’s not enough to register, it is also essential that it is passed at least with a credit (C4, C5, C6), to increase their chances of admission into a higher institution.
Failure to have credits in those required subjects combination, the student may not be considered for admission into his chosen course of study.

To study any course in a higher institution, it is important to reach out and get the correct subject combination that will facilitate the actualization of those dreams.

To study engineering, WAEC candidates have to choose 5 compulsory subjects that will make them qualified to apply for any engineering course (WAEC subject combination for engineering), and those subjects include English language, maths, physics, chemistry, and one more (Biology, Agric. science, geography). This subject combination is the first step needed to validate any dream of studying any branch of engineering in a tertiary institution.

It is also necessary that despite choosing 5 WAEC mandatory subjects based on their chosen course, there is also space for other optional subjects which are to be chosen by the candidates.

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