How to easily upload O’level result on JAMB CAPS in 2024

There is a big need for every JAMBite to upload O’level result on JAMB CAPS. It is one of the requirements for JAMB, to make sure the aspirants being considered for admission are truly qualified for the school they applied for, or at least eligible enough to be considered for admission.

upload O'level result on JAMB CAPS

Upload O’level result On JAMB CAPS

The process of uploading the result of an aspirant is an easy task, but it’s too important to be ignored.
If an aspirant doesn’t upload O’level result on JAMB CAPS portal, their admission chances are going to be affected.
The following processes will be taken to verify your results were successfully registered on the JAMB CAPS portal.

Visit the JAMB e-facility portal at and create an account if you haven’t registered.

  • Log in with your JAMB registered Email and Password.
  • Select your examination year.
  • Locate the ‘Check Admission Status’ tab and click on it.
  • Tap on ‘Access my caps’
  • Tap on ‘My O’level result’ to view and confirm whether its upload was successful or not

If after following the above-listed process, you didn’t see your results, then you have something very important to do as soon as possible, because any aspirant that kept his SSCE result upload on hold, by choosing the Awaiting Result option, will not be considered for admission till the results are sent to JAMB CAPS portal.

Hold up! I have good news for you. Do you know that you can gain admission into a university without JAMB?

Step By Step Procedure on how to upload O’level result on JAMB CAPS Portal.

This is a practical process of what happens at the JAMB office.

JAMB has introduced some flexibility in this area of result upload. This means that you must not submit the result before registering for JAMB, so aspirants whose results were not ready at the time that JAMB application began, can still upload the results after the JAMB exam. Fair right?

To upload SSCE result on JAMB CAPS portal, below are a list of how to do so: 

  • • Locate and visit a JAMB-accredited centre that is closest to you.
  • • Notify the staff available about your intention to upload your results on the JAMB portal.
  • • Hand in a copy of your O’level result (either WAEC or NECO; or both for aspirants who intend to use combined results, or certificates from two sittings).
  • Look at the screen carefully to ensure that the result upload is correctly done. 
  • Review your JAMB CAPS, to confirm if the upload was successful.

This should be a smooth ride for most aspirants whose results are available at any point.

It’s also important to remind all aspirants that this process of trying to upload O’level result on JAMB CAPS portal cannot be done on a mobile phone. 

It’s not a compulsory requirement that you should go to the CBT centre with your original SSCE result (WAEC or NECO), a normal printout from the above-listed examinations’ websites can be used.

Can I upload my results twice?

Results are to be uploaded at once, but updates can be made to the uploaded results. The update to be made is as a result of the possibility of an aspirant making errors while filling the result details, or updating the result after it has been gotten, as some aspirants registered for JAMB with their O’level result not being available at the time.

How much is the charge for uploading of result?

The service charge for uploading JAMB results may vary according to centre, but the price is N1000

Is it too late to upload my O level result?

It is not too late to upload it. So, even after sitting for Post UTME, you can still go for O’ level result upload.

Finally, the importance of O’level in the admission process of the schools cannot be underestimated; this is further proven by its current and inevitable requirement by JAMB, before any admission move can be started.

The result upload is to ensure and verify that the aspirant about to be admitted into a school, and into a particular course of study satisfies the minimum requirements stipulated by the school. Get started here

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