In this article, we will be going over the top 50 likely questions and answers on JAMB novel – The Life Changer. Many candidates for JAMB 2024 ask many questions about the possible questions from the JAMB-endorsed novel, The Life Changer.

The Life Changer is the latest and most recent novel added to the JAMB General English Comprehension Texts for the 2024 JAMB exam.

top 50 likely questions and answers on JAMB novel

top 50 likely questions and answers on JAMB novel
top 50 likely questions and answers on JAMB novel

Don’t panic, the novel is quite interesting and you can easily finish it in 8 days if you read the novel an average of 10 pages per day. You can even compose questions by reading the JAMB 2024 novel.


A possible JAMB Novel Question from The Life Changer Novel is just a question compiled from the main novel. These possible or probable or likely questions are not the questions that will appear during your UTME exams. But these questions will help sharpen your brain in preparation for the UTME main exam.

Top 50 likely questions and answers on JAMB novel

1. Who is Ummi?

Answer: Ummi is the narrator and mother of the children.

2. How many children does ummi have?

Answer: Ummi has 4 children

3. Who was the first son?

Answer: Omar is the only boy and the first child

4. Who were the second and third daughter

Answer: Teemah (first daughter) and Jamila (second daughter)

5. Who is Bint and how old is he?

Answer: Bint is Ummi’s last child and is five years old.

6. What is Omar’s father’s job and when does he finish work?

Answer: He is a banker and closes at 5 pm.

7. Bint’s social studies teacher was “curious,” what does that mean?

Answer: The teacher always interfered.

8. What is the name of Bint’s social studies teacher?

Answer: Mallam salihu

9. What question did Mallam Salihu ask the class?

Answer: What does Good morning mean in French?

10. What question did Bint ask Mallam Salihu?

Answer: How do you say this is very good in French?

11. What does Ummi mean in Arabic?

Answer: Mom.

12. According to Ummi, listening to the children was for?

Answer: To Make sure their room is tidy and keep them company.

13. Who ran into the room during the conversation?

Answer: Omar rushed into the room.

14. What condition was Omar in and why?

Answer: Omar was in a happy state because he got admission to the university.

15. How old was Omar when he was granted admission?

Answer Omar was 18 years old.

16. Omar was offered admission to which university and what degree was he offered?

Answer: Ahmadu Bello University Zaria was offered at Kongo Campus Law.

17. What did Omar tell Teemah and Jamila to call him?

Answer: Learned brother.

18. Omar was waiting for a present from his father, what was it?

Answer: A smartphone

19. Who suggested they leave the room and why?

Answer: Jamilla suggested going outside because the room was hot and stuffy.

20. Why was the room hot and stuffy?

Answer: There was no electricity and the generator was not in good condition.

21. Who sold Zobo?

Answer: Teemah.

22. Teemah refused Omar’s zobo request, why?

Answer: Take zobo on credit and never pay.

23. What did Omar score at JAMB?

Answer: scored 230/400.

24. How many credits did Omar earn at WAEC?

Answer: Earned 7 credits on the first sitting including English and Maths.

25. According to Omar, what is the cause of Teemah not growing up?

Answer: Jealousy and Envy.

26. The name of HOD during the time of Ummi is?

Answer: Dr. Samuel Johnson.

27. How was Salma’s appearance?

Answer: Salma was a tall, thin, and voluptuous girl with fair skin.

28. What was Salma’s opinion of the speakers?

Answer: Salma saw them as needy, the boys got money, and the girls got an appointment.

29. What was Ummi’s matriculation plate?

Answer: UG0001 was Ummi’s matriculation number

30. Ummi’s full name is?

Answer: Ummi Ahmad.

31. What tribe is Dr. Samuel Johnson?

Answer: Samuel Johnson is known to be from the Yoruba tribe.

32. To whom did Salma compare the speakers?

Answer: He compared her to the policeman.

33. The young man that Salma spoke to was who?

Answer: A lecturer.

34. Why was the HOD close to Ummi?

Answer: She knows her husband very well and was even the one who helped her with admission

35. Who was the impressive Boka?

Answer: The traditional medicine man.

36. What is the real name of the silent one?

Answer: Talle was the quiet one.

37. Talle is guilty of what crimes?

Answer: Kidnapping, armed robbery, and extortion.

38. How long did Talle and Zakki kidnap the boy?

Answer: The boy was held in captivity for a week.

39. How much did the kidnappers charge?

Answer: One million which was then reduced to two hundred and fifty thousand naira

40. How did the police arrest Zaki?

Answer: He was arrested by the police at the time the ransom was demanded.

41. What happened next to Zaki and Talle?

Answer: They were sentenced to several years in prison for their crimes.

42. What does EMAL mean?

Answer: Exam malpractice

43. What led to Salma getting kicked out of college?

Answer: was found guilty of exam malpractice

44. Which hostel was Salma registered in?

Answer: Queen Amina Room.

45. Why didn’t Salma like the hostel?

Answer: She thought that her roommates would not accept her lifestyle.

46. ​​How many students can stay in the hostel room?

Answer: A maximum of 4.

47. What are the names of Salma’s roommates and where do they hail from?

Answer: Tomiwa (from Ibadan, Oyo State), Ngozi (from Umunze, Imo State), Ada (from Benue State).

48. Which of Salma’s friends was an aspiring singer?

Answer: Tomiwa.

49. What was your religion?

Answer: Salma and Tomiwa were Muslims while Ada and Ngozi were Christians.

50. Which food was the students’ favorite and fastest food?

Answer: Jollof Indomie was the students’ favorite.

We have covered the top 50 likely questions and answers on JAMB novel AND we have even more questions for you

51. What delicacy did Tomiwa and Salma introduce?

Answer: Tomiwa presented the snail specialty while Salma presented Dankanke.

52. Who is Dr. Dabo?

Answer: He is a professor at the university known as Beginning.

53. What did Omar wear to go to the cafe?

Answer: white shirt and blue jeans.

54. I would like to get to know you better, who made this statement?

Answer: Dr. Dabo made the statement.

55. Who were the men in the car?

Answer: Habib and Labarán

56. What brand was the car?

Answer: Mercedes Benz.

57. What color is the car?

Answer: Black

58. Who was Tomiwa’s blind date?

Answer: Habib.

59. When did the phone ring?

Answer: 8 p.m

60. Tomiwa has never had guys approach her, why?

Answer: overconfidence

61. Why do students often lock their doors and turn off the lights before eating?

Answer: To prevent other students from coming in and eating their food.


There you have it, the top 50 likely questions and answers on JAMB novel.

Once again, these are not the questions that JAMB will set for The Life Changer Novel. These are just to help you get familiar with the book. Also, remember that it is a CBT exam, there is no need to cram in this article. Just read the novel and understand it.

How many questions will JAMB set from the JAMB novel – The life changer

About 5-10 questions will be set from the JAMB novel – The life changer

top 50 likely questions and answers on JAMB novel top 50 likely questions and answers on JAMB novel top 50 likely questions and answers on JAMB novel

top 50 likely questions and answers on JAMB novel

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