JAMB 2024 NOVEL SUMMARY-The Life Changer

The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli

The life changer

Chapter 1

Brit ‘the life changer’ narrated a scene of her and the meddlesome social studies teacher to her siblings while waiting for daddy. The narration made them laugh hard because she had the courage to ask the social studies teacher a question he couldn’t answer.

Omar has been the first and only male child who is 18 years old with a 230 JAMB score, got admission to study law at the Konga campus of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Although Omar and his siblings and mom had a funny conversation about his admission, during the conversation he told them not to tell their dad about his admission before him because he promised him to change his touch-light phone to a smartphone.

Chapter 2

Ummi began to tell her children a story about university life while their father is yet to arrive from his place of work as a banker.

While Salma was in a queue which was 15 minutes late, she had a conversation with a young man. Unknowingly for her, she was speaking with the lecturer who wanted to attend to them. But since that was her first day in the university while having her registration, she couldn’t distinguish between her peers and the man (lecturer)

She told the man that lecturers are just like the roadside policemen who stop you for no reason just to collect a bribe and waste your time. Because she had been in the queue for 15 minutes and had not been attended to, made her insult the lecturer who she was talking to unknowingly.

After the main office was cleaned by Mr. John, who caused the delay by not letting the lecturer attend to the freshers, he handed over the office key to the man she had been spoken to by insulting and blaspheming the lecturer.

She couldn’t continue with her registration because she was astonished knowing she had brought a bad omen upon her.

Dr. Samuel Johnson, a friend of Ummi’s husband who assisted Ummi with her admission, met with her. After some intensive conversation, he gave her a matric number as she was the first to request it.

Chapter 3

The story of the ‘quiet one’ Telle who was 20 years old when he lost his father and mother, His birth didn’t make him the ‘quiet one’ even though his parents who were bona fide citizens of Lafayette gave birth to him after several years without a child. While growing up he got the name ‘quiet one’ because of his silent character.

But one day the Quiet one changed

Telle had an abduction with Zaki ‘a friend of Telle’ to kidnap the son of a businessman from whom they requested one million naira but later discounted to two hundred and fifty thousand naira for the ransom. It was during the handover that Zaki was caught and told them about Telle in whose house the victim stayed for 1 week. 

Chapter 4

The incident between Salma and Dr. Debo who is known for strong behavior, conduct, and faithfulness. Salma met with Dr. Debo in his office to sign her file, he was tempted by her beauty and tight clothes, being an old man who had never committed an atrocity for decades.

Salma insulted him and made him pitiful of himself for the act he committed for the first time.

She later moved to pay her accommodation fee where she met her roommates; Ada, Ngozi, and Tomiwa, even though they are of different tribes they built a sister-keeper relationship.

Chapter 5

The 4 roommates had a clash because Salma gives Habib Tomiwa’s contact instead of her own during the ride by Labaran. Tomiwa is curious about Habib and decides to go out on a blind date but eventually discloses the switch in mobile lines. Habib likes her still and shops for her and her roommates. . Ada and Ngozi intervene but the issue escalates. They soon come to a state of tranquility as soon as someone knocks at the door. They do not want to have to share their lots with other neighbors.

Even though they moved with guys they were B class students and continue to excel

Chapter 6

Salma practiced examination malpractice because she couldn’t understand and answer any question. She decided to ask Kola who then provided her with three answers, but it was the worst day in her entire history. She was caught and got her and Kola expelled, Habib offered money to fix the issues but she had to pay for her deed. She and kola got expelled from the university.

Chapter 7

Salma goes to Habib to help her influence the committee by using his position as a politician. Habib offers to involve Dr Debo but due to her past experience with the lecturer, she declines this suggestion and proffers bribing. Habib offers to give Salma some amount of money to bribe the chairman of the Examination and Ethics Committee (EMEC) but in return, she must repay in kind. Salma is reluctant to accept this offer because of her affair with Labaran and she considers it unfair to have an affair with her friend’s man. Salma soon gives in to his request but unluckily she gives the money to Dr. Kabir, who claims to be the chairman of the EMEC. She soon finds out she has been deceived by Dr. Kabir who was neither the chairman nor a member of the Committee. She is demoralized and breaks down.

Chapter 8

Labaran discovers Salma has been played by the gambler and informs Habib suggesting Zaki be contacted to handle the situation. Honourable Habib is skeptical about involving Zaki owing to his failure in the first mission of abducting Alhaji Adamu’s son. Habib yielded to Labaran’s suggestion and contacted Zaki to trail Kabir.

Kabir is spotted at a gambling spot. Kabir wins the game at the gambling spot and leaves to avoid losing it all. Sadly, he is trailed by thugs whose mission is to retrieve Kabir’s wins. Zaki catches up with Kabir as he is being attacked by the thugs. Zaki strikes the thugs and gains control of the situation as they flee. He then concentrates on Kabir, collects the money, and leaves him bruised.

Ummi also tells her children how Salma changed her immoral ways. Salma becomes serious and decent after the death of her father and because of her level of seriousness Ummi allows Salma to become friends with her

Chapter 9

Salma was ambushed on the road by gunmen because of her beauty after being deceived by Natasha. Luckily for her, she was saved

Ummi children found the story enlightening as they waited for their dad’s arrival.

Read the full novel here

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