How to reprint JAMB mock slip: know your exam venue and date 2024

Every JAMB candidate that is interested in sitting for the JAMB mock exam must reprint JAMB mock slip to be able to know the venue and time for their JAMB Mock. JAMB mock exams take place every year before the JAMB UTME examination.

Reprint JAMB Mock Slip

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How To Reprint JAMB Mock Slip

As stated earlier, the JAMB mock slip contains vital information relating to the JAMB mock examination. It contains information like the examination date, examination venue, and time. So it’s important to reprint your JAMB mock slip and to do so early too.

  There are two ways to reprint JAMB mock slip:

  1. By checking your JAMB registered email address: This is JAMB’s recommended method of checking the JAMB mock schedule. The process includes:
  • Visiting your email server and logging into your email account.
  • Check through your email inbox for mail from JAMB. If it’s not in the inbox section, check in the spam mail section. 
  • When you have seen it, visit any computer centre or cyber cafe to print out the slip.
  • Prepare your mind for the upcoming JAMB mock.

2. Going to the JAMB mock portal to reprint and know the exam schedule: This is the most strenuous way to reprint JAMB mock slip. The processes involved are:

  • Visiting the JAMB Mock portal  
  • Inputting your JAMB details (JAMB registration number or JAMB email).
  • Tap on the “print slip” button, and that’s it.

 Note: In both processes, you can download the slip to your phone for convenience, and print them out at a cyber cafe.

Frequently asked questions about JAMB mock slip reprint

When is the JAMB mock examination starting in 2024?

The JAMB mock is slated to hold on Tuesday, 18th April, 2024.

When is the deadline for the JAMB mock reprint? 

There is no deadline for the JAMB reprint, as far as you reprint before your JAMB mock date. But it’s advisable to reprint as soon as JAMB announces the JAMB mock reprint commencement.

When is the JAMB reprinting starting in 2024?

The JAMB mock reprint is slated to commence from the 20th to the 25th of April, 2024. Try as much as you can to reprint before the 25th of April, to avoid missing your JAMB mock.

Is JAMB mock a must for all JAMB candidates?

It’s not compulsory for every JAMB candidate to sit for JAMB mock.
Inasmuch as the JAMB mock will be very helpful in the process of preparing for JAMB UTME, candidates also have the choice of not writing the JAMB mock.
Sitting for JAMB mock is a personal decision for JAMB candidates.

JAMB mock exam reprint gives your decision to sit for the JAMB mock in 2024 a headway because if you don’t reprint for the mock, there is no way you will know your exam venue, date, or time. 

So it’s important that every interested aspirant reprint from the day of commencement of the JAMB mock reprint, to be on the safe side.

The JAMB mock reprint can be done through email or through the JAMB mock portal, the method to be used in reprinting is left for the aspirant to decide.

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