JAMB withheld results – Why and what to do

Are you facing the dilemma of your JAMB result not yet released? You might be forced to ask yourself why JAMB withheld results, when and if they will ever be released? Aside from these questions, it is certain that you will be willing to know what you can do to solve the situation.

Firstly, it is important that you know that you are not the only one in this situation. That is why we have gathered some information you will need to settle this issue once and for all.

JAMB withheld results

The information in this article will explain why JAMB withheld results were withheld and what you can do.

Well, for those whose results have been withheld, you must have received the following SMS from JAMB.

“JAMB: Candidate’s name. Your score will be retained as a multiple registration probability. Log into your profile immediately and follow the prompts.”

UTME JAMB candidates who are yet to see their results, should expect their results to be published very soon.

Most times, the main reasons for JAMB withheld results for certain candidates are bad exam practices, candidates not taking their fingerprints after the exam, or other issues we will mention below.

Reasons for JAMB Withheld Results

  1. Negligence
  2. Examination misconduct or Malpractice
  3. Failure to comply with procedures and
  4. Incomplete verification of the center.

Why doesn’t my JAMB result appear?

This can happen if JAMB decides to retain your score for further review in order to determine whether or not you were involved in an exam error. After investigation the results will be published.

Why do I see “Not registered”

For those who see “Not Registered” when trying to check their JAMB score on the JAMB portal.
This usually happens when you use an incorrect JAMB registration number to check your JAMB result.

How do I solve “Not registered” on my JAMB Portal

Compare your JAMB registration number to your JAMB registration printout to ensure you are verifying it with the correct JAMB registration number.
Also, make sure you’re checking your JAMB score on the right JAMB portal and in the right way

Will my JAMB result be released?

Well, it just depends on the message you received when you checked your result through the Jamb website. The message you received when reviewing your score will determine whether your result will be published or kept by JAMB forever.

What do I do if my result has been withheld by JAMB

If your results have not been released by JAMB and your are certain you did not participate in any malpractice such as, bringing a phone into the exam hall or committing any bad exam practices in the exam hall, be rest assured that your results will be available.
Don’t panic just yet, be patient for a week and if after 2 weeks you still don’t see your result, it’s time to contact JAMB.
You can contact JAMB for support via JAMB official website, submit a ticket and they will investigate the issue and get back to you within an unspecified time frame. You will have to exercise a lot of Patience.

JAMB withheld results creates a lot of panic and uncertainty amongst affected candidates.

If you are certain you did not participate in any bad exam practices, don’t loose hope or panic. Stay positive and open minded. There have been cases in the past where candidates saw their results after a few weeks. You will be no different.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment box. We wish you all the best

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