JAMB timetable 2024 – Mock and Main exam dates

The JAMB timetable contains the schedule of JAMB activities for every year. The JAMB timetable ensures that the activities are scheduled, and spaced out to avoid clashes of one activity with another.

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JAMB Timetable

The JAMB has three major events that hold every year. These events can be called examinations or tests. All three activities have their different activities written in the JAMB timetable. They are:

  1. JAMB mock examination
  2. JAMB UTME examination
  3. JAMB direct entry examination
JAMB timetable

The JAMB mock exam and the JAMB UTME exam are similar in a lot of ways, but they serve different purposes. 

The JAMB mock examination is a sort of test that is given to JAMB candidates to prepare them for the main JAMB UTME examination. This exam is special and shares similar attributes with JAMB UTME. Those attributes include:

A. it’s setup which is just like a regular JAMB CBT examination, with exam schedules for every participant.
B. Its total score is 400 marks, just like JAMB UTME.
C. The JAMB subject combination is the same as the one to be used in JAMB mock.

 • The JAMB UTME examination is the main JAMB examination. This examination is the examination that is used to qualify higher institution aspirants for admission into the country’s universities, colleges, and polytechnics.

NB: JAMB mock examination is only available for UTME candidates, not Direct entry candidates.

The JAMB mock exam and the JAMB UTME examination schedules are collectively called the JAMB timetable.

The JAMB 2024 timetables are listed in the tables below.

JAMB mock Examination Timetable

JAMB Mock activityDate
JAMB mock registrationJanuary 15th 2024
JAMB mock registration deadline25th of march 2024
JAMB Mock exam date18th April, 2024

JAMB UTME Examination Timetable

JAMB UTME ActivityDate
JAMB UTME registration startsJanuary 15th 2024
JAMB UTME registration ends26th of February 2024
JAMB UTME examination starts25th April 2024
JAMB UTME examination ends2nd May, 2024
Extension dateNil
JAMB UTME result releaseNot available at the moment

JAMB Direct Entry Examination  Timetable

JAMB Direct Entry ActivityDate
JAMB Direct Entry registration beginsJanuary 15th 2024
JAMB Direct Entry registration ends26th of February 2024
JAMB Direct Entry Exam starts 29th April 2024
JAMB Direct Entry Exam ends 12th May 2024
JAMB Direct Entry extension datenil
JAMB Direct Entry result releaseNot verified at the moment

Frequently Asked Questions About JAMB Timetable

When is the JAMB exam starting? 

According to JAMB timetable, the 2024 JAMB examination starts on Saturday 29th April 2024 to Monday 12th May 2024

When is the JAMB registration portal for 2024?

The deadline for the JAMB registration portal is the 26th of February 2024

The events that will come before and after the JAMB UTME exams have been scheduled by JAMB, to ensure that the events are conducted in an orderly manner. 

The JAMB timetable states which day any JAMB-related activity will start, and when it will end. The importance of the JAMB timetable in the organizing of activities of JAMB, every year, cannot be underrated.

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