Is the JAMB result upgrade real?

After the release of JAMB results every year, the trending question that a lot of JAMB candidates ask is if they can upgrade or increase their JAMB score. JAMB result upgrade has been a debate over the years and the question now is, is it real?

JAMB result upgrade

If you had a low JAMB score, you are probably here to find out if JAMB result upgrade is real and if there is a possibility for you to upgrade your JAMB result. We are here to explain things to you and tell you the truth: JAMB result upgrade is NOT real. There is no genuine way to upgrade JAMB results.

What is JAMB Result Upgrade?

Upgrading JAMB results means increasing a candidate’s UTME or JAMB score from a lower to a higher score. This is usually the case when a student scores below the standard cut off mark of 180. Upgrading JAMB results in this case would mean increasing the JAMB score from 180 to something above 200.

Why are candidates looking for a JAMB result upgrade?

One of the major reasons why candidates generally try to improve or upgrade their UTME score is because of the “cut-off mark” set by higher institutions in Nigeria. These limits set by the universities are intended to limit the number of applicants admitted per year and also enable the university’s applicants to be evaluated properly.

Each tertiary institution has a level of knowledge that it expects from all applicants before admitting them into the institution through their prior education. For this reason, each institution sets a minimum score that each applicant must achieve in order to be admitted.

So, a candidate who scores below this cut-off mark has possibly lost all chances of getting admission into that particular higher institution or any higher institution at all. In fact, the standard cut-off mark for most schools is 180 and any score below that will not be considered for admission in most cases. Hence, the search for a JAMB result upgrade.

JAMB result upgrade

Is the JAMB result upgrade genuine?

JAMB result upgrade is not real. Anyone who claims to be able to upgrade JAMB results is definitely a scam. They prey on vulnerable candidates who scored low in JAMB.

These scammers are mostly found spamming social media groups and comment sections with fake testimonials and images claiming that JAMB result upgrade is possible. Do not fall victim to this tactics.

No CBT center, cyber café or person working in JAMB office can increase your JAMB score. Any entity who claims to do so is a SCAM and should be reported.

How scammers try to upgrade JAMB results

  1. One way these scammers claim to upgrade JAMB results is by producing very compelling images using photo editing software like Corel Draw, Photoshop, etc., to edit your result after checking it online. But Editing a screenshot of your JAMB result will never reflect on or change your actual JAMB score on JAMB website. So, this is a complete joke.
  2. The second method are the hackers, cyber criminals who often attack JAMB servers to make these changes. This is always a failure attempt as JAMB has cyber security experts and professionals in this field to protect these servers from hackers and cybercriminals.
  3. The third method is very rare. This is the case where dishonest JAMB employees or people claiming to work for JAMB, assure candidates that they have the power and access to change JAMB scores. This is also false JAMB does not give such power to just anyone and JAMB is constantly weeding out these bad employees.

Is JAMB result upgrade worth it?

If a candidate is caught participating in any of the JAMB result upgrade methods mentioned above, there will be severe penalties. 

If by any means a candidate succeeds in getting admission with an upgraded JAMB result, their admission can be withdrawn an their program terminated when the truth is discovered. They could be banned from ever writing JAMB and will also face the law as the case may be.

Dabbling into any shady or illegitimate activity is never worth it. The repercussions are always very damaging and sometimes irrecoverable.

JAMB result upgrade is not legitimate so do not participate in it.

If you had a low JAMB score, it is a difficult situation but definitely not the end of the world. Brace up, learn from your mistakes and put in more effort into scoring higher in JAMB next year.

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