Is JAMB Required To Study Abroad? The Truth

Do you know you can get admission in Nigeria and abroad without JAMB? Is JAMB required to study abroad? But what are the requirements to study abroad as a Nigerian? We will cover all of these questions in this article.


Since JAMB is only recognized in Nigeria, schools abroad will always consider you for admission without JAMB as long as you have your O’Level, A’Level, or professional certificate. You must also meet the admission requirements for foreign students.

Is JAMB required to Study Abroad?

No. JAMB is not required to study Abroad. You will not use JAMB for admission to foreign universities. You can only use JAMB to gain admission into Nigerian institutions.

Why you can’t study abroad with JAMB

The JAMB Unified Exam cannot be used to study abroad. Although it is equivalent to university entrance exams compared to foreign exams, it cannot be used in its place.

Exams such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), Law School Admission (LSAT), and Use of English are the exams required to study abroad, JAMB is not inclusive.

Other forms of exams available to Nigerians to study abroad are WAEC, NECO, Diploma, bachelor’s degree, etc.


Requirements to study abroad as a Nigerian

Many students today go abroad for higher studies as the world stage of education has opened its avenues and is accommodating students from diverse academic backgrounds.

Most educational institutions abroad have predetermined academic requirements, and there are standardized tests that meet these requirements.

Your performance/score on these tests plays an important role in increasing the chances of admission to specify the answers or not.

Your likelihood of receiving financial aid or scholarships may also increase..

List of Joint exams for studying abroad as a Nigerian

SAT, TOEFL, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT, and IELTS are some of the most common and important exams required for studying abroad in different universities.

Sometimes more than one exam may be required to be passed. Find out more about these tests by reading on.

1. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

The TOEFL can assess a student’s or an individual’s ability to understand and use English in an academic setting.

This is a requirement for non-native speakers at most English-speaking universities and colleges.

This is also a requirement for scholarships. The validity of TOEFL scores is two years.

You will need to retake the exam as your language skills may change significantly.

You should be aware that colleges and universities only consider the most recent TOEFL scores or results.

Take this test as soon as you have decided to study abroad as English is the preferred language for admissions around the world.

2. GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

This Graduate Management Admission Test, also known as the GMAT, is one of the selection criteria for admission to graduate programs in business administration, such as a Master of Accounting, MBA, or other majors, mostly in the USA.

Other English-speaking countries consider the GMAT as compensation.

This test is a computer-based standardized test for English language and Mathematics.

Measures a student’s aptitude for a successful degree in business administration.

3. GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

GRE assesses whether you are ready for college-level work.

This test measures analytical thinking, verbal reasoning, analytical writing skills, and critical thinking that may not be related to a specific study.

The GRE score is considered in admissions decisions for MBAs, MBAs, and Ph.D. programs at many universities and colleges.

4. SAT (school aptitude test)

SAT is a requirement if you choose the USA as your study abroad destination.

This test is typically taken by high school seniors and juniors with no passing criteria, but certain colleges require a good score on the SAT.

This test assesses critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze and solve problems in math, critical reading, and writing.

The SAT is a way of demonstrating a student’s competitiveness and the likelihood of success in a course.

5. ACT (American College Test)

A common assessment of high school performance is the ACT.

This test ensures that all students are assessed against a common standard and also allows admissions officers to predict first-year academic results.

The ACT, or American College test, tests your knowledge in four areas, namely reading, English, math, and scientific reasoning.

This is not an aptitude test and is directly related to the material learned at school.

These tests are just one of several criteria that a student must meet to be successfully admitted to foreign colleges and universities.

JAMB can only be used for admission to Nigeria. Thorough research on specific universities and countries will ensure a smooth application process according to each university’s examination requirements.


Requirements for Nigerians to Study Abroad

The most important thing you need to fulfill your study abroad dream is information.

You must be familiar with all the procedures involved and know exactly what you need to do at any given time.

The prerequisites for Nigerians to study abroad are listed below.

1. International Passport

If you don’t have one, request one as soon as possible.

This is vital as it would be required for the rest of the procedure, including serving as an ID card for foreign embassies.

It can be obtained from any Nigerian National Immigration Service office. Duplicate 2 x 2-inch passport copies are also required.

2. Proof of language proficiency

Language competence is the measure of the ability to communicate in a foreign language.

Language proficiency is measured based on speaking and communication skills, grammar, vocabulary, linguistics, and other areas.

In addition to English proficiency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS, there are proficiency tests such as Def/Dalf required by France.

3. Birth Certificate

This is for clarification of citizenship by the embassy and validation of the data given in the international passport.

Birth certificates are issued by the National Census Commission of Nigeria. It is also available at the hospital where you gave birth.

4. High School Transcript or College Transcript

This is intended to clarify the pedagogical suitability for carrying out a program at the institute.

5. WAEC/SSCE result

Often recognized by West African countries, the result is also recognized by other foreign countries as proof of having a secondary school result.

It is issued by the examination office and can be accessed online with a scratch card.

6. Letter of Recommendation

Usually written to affirm good behavior, it can be written by anyone in a position of authority.

It serves as a testament to the great behavior of a member of a community.

7. Account Statements

Necessary to show the ability to maintain a lifestyle abroad. This can be a personal bank statement or that of your sponsors.

8. Study Visa

This is to show that you have received permission to travel to the country you want.

It includes how long you will be staying and the benefits associated with the type of visa.

9. Health Documents

In most countries, you have to be tested for certain diseases such as yellow fever, COVID, or hepatitis, among others.

It must also show a historical record of one’s health to determine if you can be admitted immediately or you need to stay back for treatments.

There are so many reasons to travel abroad for further education. Whether short or long-term, discovering new countries to live and study in can be very beneficial and fruitful.


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Studying abroad as a Nigerian is good, but you need to know that most times, it can also be easy to work at the same time, just get the right information and you’re good to go.

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