How to work while studying for JAMB exam – 7 tips and more

Without a doubt, education is very important, and given that JAMB is a requirement for admission into Nigerian universities, it is no surprise that many people are looking for information on the best practices for studying for JAMB exam. Especially those who are working.

How can you work while studying for JAMB exam?

working while studying for JAMB exam

Studying for JAMB exam requires preparation and time commitment. If you have a full time job, it might be challenging to find the time for studies.

The good news is that we are hear to give you tips on how to manage your Job while studying for JAMB exam.

Everything in life has to do with time management, as every single one of us has 24 hours in the day and nothing more.

The difference between success and failure is how we manage our time and prioritize our activities.

How to work while studying for JAMB exam

Here are 7 tips on how you can manage your work while studying for JAMB exam:

1. Stop making excuses:

Yes, you are very busy. Yes, you have a lot of responsibilities. Remember that these excuses will only hinder you from pursuing success in your forthcoming JAMB exams. No one achieved anything great by making excuses. Rather that make excuses, come up with a way to work around your challenges

2. Always rest after work

Sleep and rest is very important for a sound health and to stay focused while studying. When you get back from a long day, eat, take a shower and rest before you Jump into studying for JAMB exam. Make sure to always unwind after a long day because trying to study while tired is not effective, as your mind and body will not be able to focus and assimilate anything.

3. Schedule study time

Set aside a couple of hours every day just for studying. Find out what time of the day works best for you – Morning or Nighttime. Morning people are more focused in the early hours of the day and if that is you, then that should be your study time. Others are night owls and would prefer nighttime for studies. Figure out what works best for you and stick to it. If you have a lot of free time during the weekends, then maximize that.

4. Set a study time table

You will be required to write four subjects in JAMB. English which is compulsory for all, and 3 additional subjects related to your field of study. Create a timetable and allocate a time or day for each subject. You can decide to tackle two subjects are day for an hour each. Find out your weakest subjects and allocate more time to them.

5. Get your study materials and past questions ready

Go through the JAMB brochure and syllabus to know the textbooks and topics you should focus on on. You can find this information on JAMB IBASS. You do not want to waste precious time studying irrelevant textbooks and topics, so head over to JAMB IBASS and read the Brochure and syllabus. Practicing past questions is also very important when studying for JAMB exam as they give you an idea on how JAMB set their questions and you get to score yourself and see how well you are performing.

6. Join an evening class or get a study partner

When it comes to education, no man is an island. Look for a tutorial center around you and sign up for classes. It is very helpful to rub minds with other candidates and have a tutor that can answer your questions and explain things better. If you find someone that can be your study partner, that would be very valuable.

7. Consistence is key

Stay consistent to your study hours and try not to procrastinate unnecessarily. Skipping several days in-between studies will affect your assimilation, as you will always have to refresh your memory on what you studied last and that is not productive.

Other things to note on How to work while studying for JAMB exam

  • Use your free time and vacation wisely. Make sure to cover as many topics as possible before you get too busy and that free time elapses. 
  • Cultivate a good study habit and follow the JAMB syllabus.
  • Have a notebook where you write very important summaries, formulas and key points.
  • Practice at least five years of JAMB past questions before your exam date.
  • Yes, English is your language but don’t neglect the use of the English subject. Study it very well. Go through the recommended novels and textbooks.
  • Don’t get carried away by distractions like social media.

We share tips on how to score above 300 in JAMB in this article, so go ahead and read it

There are so many people across the globe who have bagged degrees while having a full time job. It is absolutely possible to excel in JAMB with a full time Job or other commitments.

Combining work and studies is not an easy endeavor. But with adequate planning, commitment and focus, you will excel in your JAMB exam.

I hope you found these tips helpful. And I also hope you will be implementing them in your daily life. Do so, and the sky will be your limit.

All the best!

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