How to prepare for WAEC in 2024

On the list of most of Nigeria’s secondary school students, preparing for WAEC is a very top-ranking item: preparing for WAEC examination. This is a serious business for senior secondary school students, and it’s not rocket science that for any student to pass WAEC, he must prepare for it very well.

How to prepare for WAEC

8 Tips on how to prepare for WAEC

There are some tips to be applied in the preparation for WAEC. These are tips that have proven to have brought about a 100% success rate in former secondary school students. They are:

1. Knowing the WAEC examination setup: To be able to fight in any location, you must have information about that place. The same thing also applies to WAEC preparation, students need to know the setup of the WAEC examination from the top to bottom, to be able to prepare well.

  • Students must invest time to study the subject combinations for students in their study area, whether it’s arts, science, or commercial.
  • They are expected to know that the least number of subjects that can be registered in WAEC is 6, and the maximum of 9 subjects can be registered.
  • They are to know that mathematics and English language, (and civic education for only candidates in Nigeria) are the compulsory subjects to be registered in WAEC.
  • They are to know that the WAEC examination can either be having two sections which are the objective section and essay section or have three sections which will include: the objective section, essay section, and practicals.

2. Studying with the aid of the WAEC syllabus: The preparation for WAEC cannot be complete without the use of the WAEC syllabus to ensure strict adherence to the selected and approved topics that students are going to be examined. The syllabus is usually used in the tutoring of the three senior secondary classes. So it is also advisable that in the study to prepare for WAEC, students should also integrate the WAEC syllabus into the process so that the topics can be studied in an orderly arrangement.

3. Studying with the aid of a timetable: The use of a timetable in studying cannot be underestimated. It’s a very needed item that should be used in studying, to ensure orderliness in the activities you engage in while studying. It will help you dictate which subject you are supposed to read at which time. Students have been able to prepare for WAEC their books efficiently with the use of a timetable. 

4. Studying your Classroom notes: Preparation for WAEC SSCE without reading your SSCE notes is a form of academic suicide. Students are advised not to discard their senior secondary school notes, in the runup to the WAEC examination. This will go a long way to help you summarize all your study materials, as textbooks will give you comprehensive details of all you need to prepare for WAEC, but your notes will give you a summary of it.

5. Read and study: This is a tip that affects every other factor in preparation for WAEC. It’s common knowledge that to be prepared for WAEC, you need to read. Poor reading and studying can make a student unprepared, and prone to cheating in WAEC. So private studying is an essential part of the process of preparation for WAEC. 

6. Studying with WAEC past questions: To be able to fully grasp the scope of the questions that appear in WAEC, and the setup of the question which are asked in WAEC, students need to engage the WAEC past questions module and use it as revision material.

This will help a student in ways that he doesn’t expect. This tip has helped students, who ended up seeing repeated past questions in the examination hall, hence they didn’t need to think much, rather they will just answer the question because it is something they have come across several times in the past. Using the WAEC past question for studying will be a very big move toward easing off unnecessary pressure, and understanding the structure of questions seen in the WAEC examination.

7. Joining a study group: Most students have a clique or group they belong to in school, in the same way, students are advised to also belong to a study group. A study group is a group of students, who meet to discuss and tackle academic topics or problems. They work to make topics easier for their member who is having issues with any particular subject or topic. 

In a study topic, some students may be very good in some subjects, and poor in other subjects; so he will be assisted in those subjects that he is having difficulties with, and help others who are having issues in those subjects or topics he’s good in. This form of studying has helped a lot of students in the past to ensure effective preparation for WAEC, and to pass with flying colors.

8. Self-belief: At the end of every examination, you need to believe in your own abilities to remember what you have read, and to attempt questions with courage. 

This also applies to the WAEC examination, because it’s a premier examination that will qualify a WAEC candidate for so many positions or advancements in his academics. Students need to believe in their abilities to go into the exam hall, give 100% of whatever they can on each question, and leave the WAEC examination hall with the courage of a student who will pass well because he has given his best.

Frequently asked questions about WAEC preparations

How early should I start preparing for WAEC?

It’s never too late to prepare for WAEC, even though a shortened time for effective study may not give the required returns. But there is never a time too late to start preparing for WAEC.
Some tutors may say 6 months is enough time to prepare to study and pass WAEC, while others say 3 months is enough time to do the same. So it’s a matter of ‘no time is too late to prepare’.

The road to success in WAEC starts on the day that preparations for WAEC kick-off. The day that a student starts using the appropriate materials, allocating quality time for his studies, asking questions about what he doesn’t understand, and teaching his peers what they don’t understand. That’s when effective WAEC preparation starts.

There is never a time too late to start preparing for WAEC, yesterday was a better time to start, and today is the second best time. Start now!

Good luck.

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