How to pass WAEC in one sitting

The WAEC examination is one of the most prestigious examinations in West Africa. Every secondary school student’s final hurdle in the system is to pass the WAEC examination, to be able to go to a tertiary institution, or acquire a skill.

For the two reasons listed above about why every WAEC candidate needs to pass WAEC. It’s also students’ dream to pass WAEC in one sitting than write it multiple times in a bid to get better grades or pass certain subjects.

WAEC examination

WAEC stands for West African Examination Council, and it is charged with organizing examinations for final-year secondary school students. The examination council was founded in 1952, and the examination is for candidates from the five English-speaking countries of west Africa, which are:

  1. The Gambia 
  2. Nigeria 
  3. Ghana 
  4. Liberia
  5. Sierra Leone 

The WAEC certificate is recognized internationally, and this reiterates the need to candidates to get more serious, to pass the WAEC examination with good grades, and if possible in one sitting. 

Guidance on how to pass WAEC in one sitting

Honestly speaking, sitting for the WAEC examination over and over is not a funny experience. It can delay people’s plans, and boycotting the WAEC examination is tantamount to wasting your years in secondary school, as there will be no proof to qualify you as someone who went to secondary school. There are some tested and tested tips that can help students to sit for and pass the WAEC examination if they are applied. They are:

  1. Early registration and carefulness in the registration process: This is perhaps the easiest and most important step in this tip on how to ace the WAEC examination. Early registration is not a criterion for passing the WAEC examination, but it’s a move that can give a WAEC candidate a settled mind, to enable him to start preparations, if he hasn’t started before the registration. Registering for WAEC officially validates the fact that a candidate is qualified and ready to sit for the WAEC examination. Being careful in the process of WAEC registration is another factor to consider. An error in name or other details may not be very easy to change, due to many protocols that will be observed before any changes can be effected. So it’s advisable if the candidates cross-check their details before it is inputted into the WAEC database, to avoid errors that may lead to making moves to correct them later in the future.
  2. Creating a study schedule: Preparing for a class test will require students to sit and read, at selected times to ensure they are prepared for the test, how much more for a candidate who’s sitting for the premier secondary school examination in the sub-continent. To pass the WAEC examination in one sitting, creating a study plan will go a long way to see to its actualization. A study plan means a set schedule for each subject that is registered in WAEC, to ensure that all of them are studied, and given adequate time. A well-written studying schedule that is followed religiously will go a long way in helping a student to pass WAEC. It’s a big step in WAEC preparation.
  3. Early studying: “Punctuality is the soul of business”, this quote suits this subheading. Starting the study for WAEC on time can go a long way in easing pressure off the shoulders of WAEC candidates, and it will give them enough time to read and revise their study materials. Studying 2-3 months before the examination is a safe way of preparing for the WAEC examination, to mitigate against any chance of failing WAEC, or not passing WAEC in one sitting. Early studying gives more chances for effective coverage of the WAEC syllabus and getting eventual success in WAEC.
  4. Studying the subjects one at a time: The issue of studying more than one subject at a time is more common among students who didn’t start the WAEC preparations early, so in a bid to try to cover more, they end up reading more than one subject at once. This is never advisable for any student to engage in, as it may end up confusing the student, as contents that were covered in the course of the ‘studying’ may get mixed up. Studying the subjects one at a time gives more chances for candidates to effectively assimilate whatever they may be reading at that time, and create some sort of orderliness when they will try to remember. Early studying and preparation for the WAEC examination may reduce occurrences like trying to study two or more subjects at the same time. 
  5. Revising with WAEC past questions: To pass the WAEC examination, there is a need for candidates to refer to the earlier versions of the examination to see the format and structure of the questions seen in the WAEC examination. Studying with WAEC past questions has greatly benefited some candidates as WAEC questions can be repeated, and students who studied with past questions are more capable of recognizing those questions and capitalizing on that knowledge. Candidates are advised to make use of the WAEC past questions to study, to increase their chances of passing WAEC in one sitting, and to attempt real-life WAEC questions too to boost their confidence and level of preparation for the WAEC examination. So, to pass WAEC in one sitting, you should revise WAEC past questions.
  6. Studying with textbooks: There are fewer materials that can give information as comprehensive as those found in textbooks. This makes the WAEC-recommended textbooks the best go-to reference materials for studying. The WAEC examination requires students to give their best, to pass, so the use of textbooks can go a long way in helping students to prepare effectively and pass WAEC in one sitting- if possible.
  7. Avoiding any form of examination malpractice:  The first thing that should come to every candidate’s mind when they want to engage in any form of examination malpractice is that the penalty for examination malpractice in WAEC can be grave. It can lead to the cancelation of all the subjects that have already been written. So if that happens, what about your dream of passing the WAEC examination in one sitting? Candidates are encouraged to shun any form of examination malpractice to avoid implications that can make them write the WAEC examination another year when they can easily study their books, sit for the examination and pass the exams. Don’t be deceived by anyone into engaging in examination malpractice, no matter how much colourful he paints the result to be. Don’t do it!

Frequently asked questions about WAEC examination

What is considered a pass in WAEC?

In the WAEC examination, passing means that a candidate got a minimum of 5 credits in 5 core subjects including English language and mathematics.

To pass WAEC in one sitting is not a fairytale, as it has been done by people times without numbers.

Success in the WAEC examination doesn’t come overnight, but there are steps to take and make it a reality. Those steps are listed in this article to inform students of the necessary steps to take, and pass their WAEC examination, in one sitting.

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