There are around 300 universities in Nigeria, and thousands of students apply for admissions every year, and some do get it while some wait till the following year. But how can I gain admission in Nigeria easily?

The challenging reason why some don’t finally get admission is either because of their low JAMB score or they didn’t meet up with the requirement from the school they plan to get admitted into, while some are affected due to some expensive mistakes they made.

Before you think about receiving admission into a Nigerian university, you must have completed your O level stage of Nigerian education with good results.

The results of O’Level (ordinary level) are the common type of certificate used to obtain admission into 100 universities in Nigeria, for example, WAEC, NECO, and GCE.

These certificates do not expire and can be used as a combined result to gain admission into any Nigeria university. You can use your A Level result, JUPEB, IJMB to gain admission as well.

With your result from A level, you can be given admission into 200 level into any Nigerian university.

In this post, I will point out many useful tips on how to gain admission into any Nigerian university easily. But before I talk about the main thing in this article let me answer this question first.

Is admission to Nigeria so difficult?

No, it is not so difficult in Nigeria to get admission to study in your desired school.

3 reasons why admission into Nigerian universities seems difficult

The three (3) main reasons why many students find it difficult to gain admission in Nigeria:

  • Expensive mistakes made by the students during JAMB and Post UTME, errors with the name they use in their documents.
  • The difficulty of having qualified results such as JAMB, WAEC, NECO, and Post UTME.
  • The population of students looking for admission is much.

Requirements for admission to Nigerian universities easily

The following requirements are very important if you are interested to gain admission in Nigeria easily:

You have to have:

  • At least 5 credits in your O level result or certificate (SSCE/GCE) in a maximum of 2 sittings.
  • At least a minimum of 200 score in the UTME examination.
  • A minimum of Merit passes in the national educational certificate (NCE), the National Diploma (ND), and other certificates or an advanced level.

The joint approval and registration committee (JAMB) organizes the Unified Tertiary Registration Examination (UTME) for students who strive for admission to Nigerian universities.

The candidates have to select two universities, two polytechnics, and two educational schools of their choice with the courses of the first and second choice.

This new admission procedure applies to public and private higher institutions in Nigeria.

Many steps and protocols have to be completed before a successful admission.

4 sure ways to gain admission in Nigeria easily (even with a low JAMB score)

These are the ways to gain admission in Nigeria easily, even without JAMB or with a low score:

1. Understand the admission process of your desired school

One of the main reasons why most Nigerian students get rejected to study the course of their dreams is simply because they do not know and understand the approval procedure of their choice school.

As an aspiring student, you have to understand the exact approval system that your school uses when you are ready and serious this year.

Know the school in which you would like to apply for a degree and the main criteria to receive approval for your selected school.

How to get the right information about your choice of school:

  • Make your research using Google
  • Visit the official school website
  • Do you know a student who is already approved by the school, ask for information
  • Ask questions on forums like Nairaland or Facebook groups.

Some things that you should find out about your choice of school

  • The general JAMB UTME cut-off mark
  • If students use a direct entry form (i.e. if you are a JAMB direct entry applicant).
  • Post UTME qualification, if available
  • The cut-off mark to the desired department.

2. Get good grades in your O Level exams

Most Nigerian tertiary institution wants students with high grades from their O’level result (WAEC, SSCE, NECO, GCE)

Your combination of O’level subjects must be exactly what your school asks for as requirements.

For example, you can receive approval at most universities such as UI, OAU, UNIBEN, UNILAG, IMSU, etc. Your WAC has to adopt at least five (5) credits in relevant subjects, including mathematics and English in at least two sittings.

You can use any of these exams SSCE, GCE, NECO, and/or NABTEB as a combined result to continue your admission process.

3. Have a high JAMB score or a solid direct entry assessment

Another secret to getting an easy entry into Nigeria University is to have a very good and high JAMB score.

To have the opportunity to be admitted to the university via JAMB, you have to get some high points in the exam, points over 200, depending on the registration capacity of the institution.

Regardless of whether your course is competitive or not, a good JAMB score can insure you on an approval list, preferably the list of merits.

However, if you want to use JAMB direct entry, you must have a very reasonable rating.

4. Get a good Post UTME score

Post-Utme is an examination organized by the majority of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria to select the most deserving candidates for admission.

In most cases, Post UTME scores determine whether an aspirant is offered admission and the JAMB score can increase the chances as well.

Many universities use JAMB plus Post UTME score to calculate the total number of points for admission.

The records according to UTME generally start in June/July for several institutions across the country and have helped those who have received a low score in the JAMB exam.

If the school in which you want to receive admission requires Post UTME, you must prepare for the exam in the same way you prepared for JAMB.

If you can prepare well for Post UTME, your chances of receiving admission would be high as long as you have the rest of the requirements.

Other ways to gain admission in Nigeria easily:

5. Select the right study course

6. Fill in for a less competitive tertiary institution

8. You can opt-in for IJMB, Pre Degree, or JUPEB programs

9. Opt in for admission through NOUN

10. Request for admission into a private university

11. Request for approval into the Polytechnic

12. Request for admission into the Nursing school

13. Seek admission into Health Technology schools

14. Try admission into the College of Education

15. Try out Admission to the Institute of Management Technology

16. Study abroad

17. Be prayerful


If all of these tips and information are followed, they will help you gain admission in Nigeria easily into your desired university, and study your desired course.

Don’t give up on yourself, admission in Nigeria is easy to get, provided you follow the easy pathway. If you still have any questions, do well to ask us, and we will be glad to answer you.

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