How to fill JAMB form 2024

For candidates to successfully register for JAMB every year, they must fill JAMB form.

The JAMB slip is the document where all your details or preference in universities, colleges, and polytechnics are noted. The JAMB slip contains the candidate’s choice course of study and the subject combination needed for him to be qualified to be admitted into his chosen course of study. 

How to fill JAMB form

6 primary details needed to fill JAMB form

Some steps are necessary for the successful registration of every candidate that is interested in sitting for JAMB in 2024. The steps include:

1. Getting NIN: the NIN is the national identification number, it’s 10 digits that are unique for every Nigerian. This is to ensure that every documented JAMB candidate is a registered Nigerian. 

2. Linking the NIN to JAMB profile: Every JAMB candidate is expected to link his unique NIN to his JAMB profile.

3. Selection for JAMB subject combination: This is a process whereby the JAMB candidate selects three subjects that are needed or relevant to his chosen course of study. The total number of subjects to be offered in JAMB includes:

A. The use of English.
B. Any three subjects relevant to their preferred choice of study.

4. Selection of choice institutions: The JAMB candidate’s motive for registering for the examination is to be admitted into a higher institution. So the next step is to choose the institution that he wants to study in. 

JAMB candidates have four slots to choose four different schools of different tiers in this section of the registration.

5. Selection of choice course of study: This is the time to indicate the course that the JAMB candidate intends to study or wishes to be admitted into.

6. Choosing the exam region: Candidates have the option of choosing the town or state where they wish to stay and sit for their exams.

To fill JAMB form, these details and choices must be decided.

JAMB Bio-Data Processing

Other vital pieces of information are required for JAMB registration to be successful. They are referred to as bio-data. They include details such as date of birth, marital status, and sex among others. There are different formats for inputting JAMB bio-data.

  1. Arrangement of names: the names are in this order: first name-middle name-surname.
  2. The date of birth: this detail is arranged in this format: Day-month-year.
  3. Gender: this has two options at the moment. They are Male and female.
  4. Marital status: The candidates are required to input their marital status, to indicate whether they are married, divorced, or single.
  5. Disabled persons: the candidates are expected to indicate their disabilities if they have any, and to indicate they have none when there is no disability.
  6. Home address: the candidate will be required to input his home address.
  7. State of origin: candidates are to input their state of origin, not where they permanently reside.
  8. L. G. A of origin: the candidates are to record their local government of origin. That is the original local government that his father comes from.
  9. Nationality: this refers to your country of origin. If not Nigeria, choose another country.
  10. Email registration: input your JAMB-registered email address.
  11. Mobile number: this should be the phone number that is linked to your national identification number (NIN).
  12. Name of parents or guardian: this is the name of your parents, whether foster or not, and the name of anybody who will sponsor their education.

The above-listed 12 tips are also part of the necessary data needed to fill JAMB form before registration can be completed.

Frequently Asked Questions About JAMB Slip

Can a candidate choose a state university as a first choice university?

Yes, a candidate can choose a state university as his first choice school.

Can a candidate choose the same course for the first and second choices of institution?

Yes, it’s possible and you are allowed to do so.

Can corrections be made to data filled in a JAMB slip?

Yes. However, effecting those changes is not free. JAMB charges a token for changes made to the JAMB profile after registration.

In conclusion, the JAMB slip is the main body of the document where vital information about a candidate is written.

The slip contains data like his date of birth, state of origin, choice of institutions, and much other information that is worthy of note.

When it is time to fill JAMB form, candidates should just fill it with the required information diligently to avoid mistakes. Good luck.

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