How to Check JAMB result online in 2024

After a JAMB exam, Every candidate has one thing in their mind: Check JAMB result!

Check JAMB result

You know that candidates experience a period of heightened anxiety, because of the thought of what their JAMB score will be. JAMB results are usually uploaded within 24 hours after a candidate’s exam, and the checking of JAMB results is even tenser than the buildup to the exam itself.

The JAMB score that is usually inscribed on the JAMB result is a very important determinant of a candidate’s fate in the admission process for the year.

How To Check Your JAMB Result With Your Mobile Phone.

Checking your UTME results can be a private activity or a public one depending on the candidate. It can be checked privately through a mobile phone, but a candidate without access to the internet may need to visit a cybercafe to be able to check his JAMB result.

The steps are the same notwithstanding the device to be used in accessing the JAMB portal.

DON’T RUSH! You wrote well, so move slowly. Your admission hopes are valid.

1. Visit

2. Input your JAMB registration number in the appropriate spaces. 

Check JAMB result
Check JAMB result

3. Choose ‘Year of examination’

4. Click on ‘Check Result’ 

5. Your result slip will be shown and you will be able to view it.

There is no service charge from JAMB for checking JAMB results online.

How To Check JAMB Result Through SMS

Jamb results can also be checked through the use of text messages. Do you find it surprising that you can check JAMB results through text messages?

This pattern is basically for people who don’t have access to the internet at the time JAMB results are released. Have you seen that all of JAMB’s innovations are to make your experience better?

To check JAMB result through text message, you will need to send “Result” to “55019”. Wait for a few minutes, and your result will be sent to your phone. 

The text from JAMB will be full details about your result; that is, the text will contain your score on each of the four subjects you sat for in JAMB, and the total score which is the main score to look out for.

The service charge for the SMS is N50. 

PS: Now you have known how to check JAMB result, how are you feeling?

Frequently asked questions on how to check JAMB results online

Can I check last year’s jamb result?

Yes, you can. Once it’s established that you registered for JAMB and sat for the exam in a year, the individual can access his result on the JAMB portal, using the same process listed earlier.

How can I check my JAMB with SMS when the phone number I registered with JAMB is lost?

You need to retrieve the phone number that is linked to your JAMB account to be able to use the Text message option for checking UTME results.
You can take the other option of checking it online through the JAMB portal.

How long after the JAMB exam before I can get my JAMB result?

JAMB makes efforts to upload candidates’ JAMB results within 24 hours after their exams. This may not apply to every candidate, but the candidate should continually check the JAMB portal after 24 hours, as the result may be delayed up to a week or two weeks (in some cases).

 After the JAMB examination, result checking is the next item on a JAMB candidate’s JAMB to-do list. It’s necessary to check JAMB result as soon as it’s out, to be able to know the next steps to take because different JAMB scores call for different actions.

The result can be checked on the JAMB portal online, or checked through SMS (sending ‘Result’ to ‘55019’).  

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