How to change your JAMB institution – Data correction 2024

Every year, JAMB aspirants make some changes to their JAMB database for various reasons. Some of the changes aspirants make include, a change of course and a change of institution. How can you change your JAMB institution in a few steps?

change your JAMB institution

Reasons that make aspirants change their choice of institution vary; institutions may be changed if the aspirant decides not to study in the school they applied for initially, or they didn’t meet the cutoff mark of their choice institution, which will make them explore other alternatives to be able to stay in the annual run for admission. 

In this article, we will walk you through the process of how you can change your JAMB institution, and share every piece of information you may need to pull through this change of personal information.

Requirements Needed to change your JAMB institution

In this move to change your JAMB institution, there are things to note and a fee to be paid.

As of 2024, JAMB charges a service fee of N2500 for any candidate to purchase the change of institution form. The other requirements for a change of institution are as follows:

  1. JAMB registered Email and password
  2. JAMB registration number
  3. JAMB profile code

Steps on how to change your JAMB institution

The first thing to note as soon as you make up your mind to change your choice of institution is that you cannot make changes to your JAMB database on your devices (PC and mobile phone). You need to visit a JAMB office or a JAMB accredited center for this process to be initiated, and for change to be effected on your information. The steps to be taken in changing your choice of institution are mentioned below:

  • Visit the closest JAMB office or JAMB accredited centre.
  • Make inquiries about the JAMB change of institution form
  • Pay the purchase fee of N3500, and be issued the form.
  • Take your time. Carefully choose your first, second, third, and fourth choice of institutions.
  • Provide the information needed in the form
  • Biometric capturing
  • After filling out the necessary details needed in the form, you will have your biometrics captured and verified. Then the JAMB officer will proceed to work out the change of institution through the JAMB CAPS portal.
  • Print out your change of institution form and you are good to go.

How change of Institution is done in JAMB office 

  • The first step of this process is a visit to the JAMB portal.
  • Log in with your JAMB registered email and password
  • Once you are logged in, you will have access to a catalog of available services to be offered.
  • Locate and click on “Correction Data”.
  • As “Correction Data” is tapped, “Course/Institution” will be revealed.
  • The moment you click on “Course/institution”, the transaction ID will be displayed. This ID will be a reference for whatever you end up doing in this case of course/institution change. It will be shown in red font color.
  • Click on “Continue” if you wish to make a payment using your debit card and continue the process immediately. 
  • Input your card details as soon as the Interswitch payment page is ready, and click on “Pay”.
  • A copy of your unique transaction ID will be sent to you through SMS and email as soon as payment is completed. The status of the transaction can be seen in the “Payment Section”.
  • Tap on the “Continue” button.
  • Once your payment is verified as successful, you will b required to input two details: (a) Year of exam and (b) JAMB registration number.
  • Once you are done with inputting those details, you will progress to viewing options for the preferred choice of institutions and second choices. Options on display will be based on availability.
  • Click on “Submit” to finish the data correction process.
  • Changes will be effected as soon as possible.

Things To Watch Out For Before Choosing A Choice Institution 

  • Ensure that you are applying for a top-ranking university or any other higher institution. Top schools have something called ‘prestige’, which gives them an edge during job intake. By the way, who doesn’t want a top school?
  • Make sure to look up their quality of teaching. You can reach out to staylites of your choice school, or you can look it up online. There must be a comment somewhere to spur you on or discourage you. Ask about their lecture hall and laboratory condition, access to academic materials, and the professionalism of the lecturers of the school.
  • The employment rate of the graduates of a school. Why go to a school whose graduates are not considered in the job market? This is a factor to consider.
  • Certification. It’s also advised that aspirants should look up how recognition or respect his choice of institution’s certificate garners in the country or outside the country.
  • Transcript processing. It is advised that aspirants who have plans of getting their transcripts immediately after graduation should look up their school of choice’s urgency in issuing the transcript. Because not all schools issue transcripts fast enough after the graduation of their students, and this can lead to frustration for graduands who have pressing needs for their transcripts.

Frequently asked questions about JAMB choice of institution 

Can JAMB change of institution be done twice?

Yes. In fact, you can change your JAMB institution as many times as possible. There is no limit to it as far as you meet the necessary requirements for the change.

Can change of institution be done after post UTME

Yes. You can change your JAMB institution after post UTME, for any reason you wish. 

How long before the change of institution is affected?

The timeframe for the change of institution to be effected can be as soon as 24 hours and can take as much time as 2 days or more.

Once it notified you that it was successful on the portal, then there should be no panic, because it must surely reflect. Schools that don’t accept change of institution will notify you about their stance when you are still on the portal for the change.

Is JAMB portal open for change of institution? 

JAMB change of institution form is open for sale immediately after JAMB exams are ended. The JAMB offices nationwide will be open to helping aspirants to process changes to their data after JAMB exams.

Can I change my JAMB institution by myself?

No. You cannot change your JAMB institution by yourself. You have to do that in a JAMB accredited CBT center.

Finally, knowing how to change your JAMB institution is very important. This gives room for updating your biodata as the need arises.

Something that could hinder you from making changes on your JAMB biodata is forgetting your login details; if that is the case for you, learn how to retrieve your JAMB username and password

Corrections to be effected on an aspirant’s profile can vary from a change in date of birth to change of choice institution.

All these changes are to reflect an aspirant’s accurate data as in cases of trying to effect a change in date of birth or state of origin; data can be changed as a result of the aspirant’s decision to take a fresh direction or of a rethink about his chosen course or school. 

Whatever the reason for you to change your JAMB institution, JAMB doesn’t ask many questions if an aspirant satisfies the criteria required for the changes to be effected.

Some data corrections have little chance for further corrections, while some data can be corrected as many times as the aspirants can effect changes. Those changes to your JAMB data start on the JAMB portal. Good luck.

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