How to avoid a low JAMB score in 2024

For many JAMBites, the fear of getting a low score in their UTME is inevitable. This fear could be a result of low performance by candidates who had written the exam in the past or just paranoia. But instead of wasting time getting worried, it is better for you to take steps toward avoiding failure. 

So, before we talk on how to avoid a low JAMB score, we advise you to stop getting anxious and start working towards getting a good score in your exam by reading this article to the end.

11 tips on how to avoid a low JAMB score

Preparation is the first step to achievement, these are a few steps to carry out while preparing for the JAMB examination 

  1. Be Dedicated: The characteristic of a brilliant student is dedication.  From day 1 till the examination day, that student would have been noticed for his/her commitment to study. To avoid low scores in JAMB, you need to dedicate your time and resources to improving and studying.  Dedication is more than commitment, it should be the way of life. Every student does have a sense of commitment at dining minutes before the examination, but if they have been dedicated to studying since day 1 of schooling, it will be easy to have a colorful result.
  2. Start studying once you’re given admission into secondary school: One of the problems caused by students is studying a few weeks or days before their examination instead of preparing right from the start.  Once you start wearing long trousers and a tie to the classroom, then you should start studying for examinations like WASSCE and UTME. Research showed by IvyPanda that 50% of those who pass excellently studied hard before time. The mindset of most students preparing for examinations is that there will always be a special center where they can carry out examination malpractice and pass excellently. But the case is different with JAMB because it is a computer-based test (CBT) and you will be on your own. To perform greatly, you’ll have to prepare ahead before registering for the examination. As quoted “He who fails to plan, plan to fail
  3. Take away every distraction while studying: Distractions are natural and it takes discipline to do away with them, so many students find it difficult not to be distracted. If you want to study effectively, switch off or put away all social media networks, games, or mobile apps that might be a hindrance while studying.  If you’re reading online and can’t resist the sound of every notification, then you have to block the source or download an app to help you do away with it. There are some phone apps and chrome extensions that can effectively perform this task like Notifications blocker, StayFocused, WasteNoTime, etc. Go ahead and try this strategy to study for your upcoming 2024 JAMB examination 
  4. Write JAMB Mock Examination: The best way to take away all fears and know how to study is to register for a pre-exam which is regarded as a mock examination. The result will show your weak and strong areas, where to study more and focus. Although the mock is necessarily the exact area to study or where questions will be set from, it can be used to test your study skill. 
  5. Read the JAMB novel repeatedly: This is the best way to have an excellent result in the English language (a compulsory subject for everyone writing UTME). JAMB gives out a novel upon registration and they ask questions based on the novel in the English exam. By reading the novel and practicing questions likely to be set on it, you can prepare yourself for a good grade in your English paper.
  6. Follow the law of attraction: No matter how well you know a particular subject, you need to believe in yourself and meditate on it. The law of attraction means you are yourself. You can only be the best for yourself. You alone know where you are good and poor at. Although, some tend to read and understand faster than others, know your flaws and find the best way to correct and embrace yourself. You’re the best teacher to yourself.
  7. Mingle with the best in the class or during a tutorial: The adage ‘show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are’ also works effectively. If you move around with intelligent students, then you’ll find yourself doing what they do, which will serve as an edge to improve better and study harder.
  8. Effectively plan your time: There is this saying that ‘if you don’t value time, time won’t value you. As days go by, the examination date draws nearer with fear in your mind. Nevertheless, you have to maintain your time and set a timetable for your daily routine. If you study like you never want to write it again, then you will plan your seconds to read and forget about the UTME/JAMB examination again for life. Revise 4-5 hrs per day!
  9. Start from the known to the unknown: While writing the examination and seeing different faces with different fates focusing on their computer to solve a particular question. It is important to know that JAMB sets a random question which means that the candidate sitting beside you, might not come across any of your questions in his/her questions. Even if they do, don’t try examination malpractice because it will terminate your image and you’ll be punished for it. It is advisable to solve from the known to the unknown. No matter how difficult and tedious the questions may be, you’ll find some that you can solve or answer very well, start from there. JAMB operates with time-based software, once you start the questions your time starts counting. You don’t have to spend over 2 mins on a question, if you find it difficult to answer, leave it for the rest. You can always go back to it once you’re chanced and done with others. Although, try your best to finish all the questions because you’ll have a higher chance of having better results.
  10. Use the night to sleep: The problem with night reading is more than its gain. Once it is night, sleep and let your brain also go to rest. Every time you go to bed and sleep, the brain refreshes and fixes itself. You can’t have a long day of studying and continue till midnight. Presently, you might not see the effect, but occasionally you may feel some headaches and symptoms in your body. Although, you’re reading your brain is not assimilating and reproducing. There are cases whereby you go to the examination hall with confidence and on seeing the questions your brain couldn’t remind you of any of those things you’ve learned and studied. Sleep 8 hrs a day.
  11. Prayer: ‘With God, all things are possible’ Go to God in prayer and seek help and directions. There is no amount of time you dedicate to reading and studying, if you don’t also plan a time to worship and praise God you’ll find it difficult to attain your goal. The spiritual controls the physical. Get close to God, and you’ll see the result.

Finally, there are several tips and strategies on the internet on how to avoid a low JAMB score, but all won’t work if you don’t play your part. You’re the candidate, and you owe full responsibility for your success and failure in your exam. Take a deep breath, focus on your goals and career then you’ll succeed.

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