How much is the NECO GCE registration fee 2024?

To be sure of sitting for NECO external examination, every candidate must pay the NECO GCE registration fee.

NECO GCE is a variant of the NECO certificate examination, which is aimed at providing chances for individuals who are no longer in secondary school to sit for O’level examinations.

NECO GCE Registration starting date

The NECO announced that the registration for NECO GCE will start on 9th September 2024 and ends on 21st November 2024 at midnight.

NECO GCE registration fee


As the National Examination Council announced the commencement of the registration of NECO registration for 2024, the NECO GCE registration fee is N17,800.

The NECO registration window is quite different from every other Examination board’s window; The NECO GCE official registration deadline is on the 14th of November 2024.

Here is what makes NECO GCE registration different: After the deadline, registration can still be done for candidates who are yet to register, but they will pay a late payment fee of N1,000.

The late payment can only be done, at least one day before the candidate’s intended subjects start. Once your preferred examination subjects have been written, your registration will be declined unless you substitute that subject for another.

Below is a table showing NECO fees for 2024

Service                          Price
Registration feeN17,800.00 
Photo albumN1,700.00 
Four-figure tableN250.00 
Correction of nameN3,500
Result slipN1,250

Things to note as you register for NECO GCE

  1. The NECO GCE registration fee is a non-refundable deposit.
  2. Candidates are advised to visit a reputable computer centre, to avoid any issues during registration. To aid candidates in this aspect, NECO has published a list of centres, that have been approved by NECO as a reputable computer centre, where candidates are known to have visited and completed their registration without issues.
  3. The instructions written on the NECO scratch card are very important and should be duly noted by the candidate, during registration.
  4. The regulations of the Examination should be studied by the candidate.
  5. Candidates are advised to apply the use of the syllabus when they study.
  6. Mufti is allowed for the examination, and possession of arms is not allowed in NECO GCE.
  7. The photograph that was submitted during the NECO GCE registration will be printed on every candidate’s certificate at the end of the examination.
  8. The use of mobile phones and any other electronic gadgets are not allowed inside the NECO GCE exam hall.
  9. Registering for NECO GCE multiple times is not allowed. Candidates who register for NECO GCE more than once for any year will be disqualified from sitting for the exam for that year.
  10. The use of facemasks is compulsory for every candidate of the NECO GCE.

Frequently asked questions about NECO GCE

Can I gain admission into the university without NECO GCE?

Yes, it’s possible to gain admission into selected universities without NECO GCE, and even without WAEC and NECO internal examination certificates. However, You will be required to provide your O’level certificates before you can advance into a new academic session.

The NECO GCE registration for 2024has commenced, and interested individuals are advised to register for the examination before the deadline, and to avoid late payment fees.

The NECO GCE registration fee is N17,800 while the late payment fee is N2,000. In the absence of any sort of issue, isn’t it better to register early to avoid late payment charges?

Visit the NECO GCE registration portal and start the registration processes now. Good luck.

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