How many questions are in JAMB 2024?

There is a question in the minds of many JAMB aspirants before they sit for the UTME: How many questions are in JAMB UTME?

How many questions are in JAMB

JAMB questions have not evolved much over the years. There have been little or no changes to the JAMB questions of early 2010 to date. 

We will tell you everything there is to know about JAMB multiple-choice examination questions.

How many questions are in JAMB subjects?

JAMB examination is one of the most important examinations, in the process of admitting eligible aspirants into Nigerian higher institutions of learning.

JAMB questions are set according to topics that are listed in the JAMB syllabus. The syllabus for JAMB contains all the topics of relevance in all subjects. So the candidates will have to browse through the brochure and take note of all the topics of relevance in their selected subjects for JAMB.

Every year, JAMB set a total of 180 questions which are spread across four subjects.

Well, you are here to know how many questions are in JAMB, so we will get right to it.

The question allocation is listed below:

1. Use of English- 60 

2. Biology*-40 

3. Physics*- 40

4. Chemistry*-40

 The subjects marked with an asterisk (*) are subject to change. They can be replaced by a host of other subjects, some of these subjects include: 

1. Computer science

2. Physical and healthy education

3. Agricultural science

4. French 

5. Geography

6. Igbo language

7. Arabic

8. Music

9. Hausa

10. Home economics

The first two subjects on the list are the newly added list of subjects in the JAMB Brochure.

Frequently Asked Questions About JAMB Questions

Are past JAMB questions available?

Yes. Past JAMB questions are available for any candidate to access and use for study.

How does JAMB set its questions?

JAMB makes use of the JAMB syllabus in the setting of JAMB questions. You must know that every topic to be studied is in the syllabus, hence the JAMB questions are set from there. The officials who set questions make use of the relevant subject textbooks, past questions, and their initiative.

How many marks do each subject in JAMB carry?

Each of the four subjects to be written in JAMB carries 100 marks each. This means that each of them has 2.5 marks, except for Use of English language whose marks range around 1.7 per question.

Does JAMB set different questions per candidate?

Yes. JAMB questions differ from one Candidate to another, even if the candidates are writing at the same time and in the same JAMB exam centre, hence the questions also vary from one exam day to another. 

Any advice on how to sit for JAMB once and pass?

Some tips include:
1. Focus more on your strengths. Whether it’s calculation or not. Focus on what you can do best.
2. Learn some important tips on preparing for JAMB
3. Try to be computer literate, even if it’s just the basics.
4. Work with the JAMB syllabus.
5. Practice with free past questions. There are resources for you offline and online.
6. Work on your weakness, and find some aid so that you can improve on your weaknesses.
7. Study regularly and try to be focused each time you study. Every time counts.

So, after you have been admitted into a university or polytechnic, your friend or sibling asks you “How Many Questions are in JAMB UTME? What will you say?

But, do you know how JAMB score is calculated?

Don’t forget that knowing the number of questions to be faced in a JAMB exam hall will make the candidates plan how to speedily attempt their questions and make necessary adjustments in their pattern of studying.

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