Highest score in JAMB mock exam

JAMB mock exam is a replica of the JAMB UTME examination. The highest score in JAMB mock is the same as in JAMB UTME.

There are other similarities, which include the same question structure, the same exam centres, and the same board that organizes the two exams.

Highest score in JAMB mock

The News agency of Nigeria (NAN) announced that not less than 175,000 Nigerians sat for the JAMB mock examination in readiness for the JAMB UTME examination which will start on Saturday, 29th April 2024 and end on Monday, 12th May 2024.

The Highest Score in JAMB Mock 2022

There is virtually no difference between the JAMB mock and the JAMB UTME except in the number of questions set and the legitimacy of their result in pursuit of admission places. This was stated earlier.

The overall result for JAMB mock is 400, as is JAMB UTME too.

The candidates are examined in the four subjects that they chose in their JAMB registration, which depends on their chosen course. So each subject has their usual 100 marks in JAMB mock too.

Results from JAMB mock exam are not given much publicity from JAMB due to the fact that a fraction of candidates who registered for JAMB each year were registered.

As stated earlier, the number of people of candidates who sit for the JAMB mock every year is over 175,000. this was said by the JAMB registrar who went around some centres in the southwestern part of the country in the 2022 JAMB mock exams. He spoke about the reason for the limited spaces for individuals interested in JAMB mock examinations. He said that JAMB doesn’t want the JAMB mock examination to hold beyond the scheduled 2 hours.

The JAMB chief stated that the mock exam was designed to be a one-time examination nationwide, with no different schedule for any centre in any part of the country.

This was the reason why the number of candidates was tailored to fit the capacities of the CBT centres in Nigeria, to allow them to sit for the exam, all at the same time throughout the country.

For 2024, the JAMB mock will hold on Thursday, 30th March 2024.

 Frequently Asked Questions About JAMB Mock

What do I do if I fail my JAMB mock exam?

Technically, it’s not possible for anyone to fail JAMB mock exam, because it’s just a means of warming up for the main examination. Whatever score you get in JAMB mock exam have little effect on the officially acceptable result of the JAMB UTME. 

Does everybody write JAMB mock exam?

No. It hasn’t been recorded before that every JAMB aspirant sat for JAMB mock examination.
For example, in 2022, a record number of 175,000 candidates sat for JAMB, but about 1.8 million candidates registered for JAMB. This means that not every JAMB candidate sits for JAMB mock examination. 

What is the highest score that can be gotten in JAMB mock exam?

The highest score in JAMB mock exam is 400, just like the JAMB UTME examination.

The JAMB mock score is not a very influential one in the admission process of a JAMB candidate. It’s just a numerical rating of how prepared he is for JAMB.

However, the score of a JAMB mock exam may be, it doesn’t reflect nor add to the JAMB UTME result. In other words, having the highest score in JAMB mock doesn’t translate to success in JAMB. This should be noted.

Proper preparation for JAMB mock exam is proper preparation for the JAMB UTME examination.


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