Can I gain Admission without JAMB

JAMB is believed to be the only admission giving board in Nigeria and there’s no lie about that, but so many candidates have been deprived of admission due to one reason or the other. The question now is can I gain admission without JAMB

Can I gain admission without JAMB? This is the throbbing question in the hearts of students who have been deprived of admission on so many occasions specifically due to JAMB result or just the over competition in the education sector in Nigeria.

The Answer is YES. You can get admission without JAMB.

gain admission without JAMB

This is the first thing you need to know, getting admission without JAMB or UTME is possible in Nigeria but it’s not going to come so cheaply or easy, you will still need to write some exams to finally gain admission, and this is based on the school you are planning to get admission into.

Since you know that you can still get admission without JAMB, let’s discuss the different means by which you can do this. It would interest you that some of these methods will even help you get direct admission to level 200 (second year) in universities.

How to gain Admission without JAMB

To be honest, it used to be very difficult to gain admission without JAMB, especially if you want to go to a university, technical college, or other degree-giving institution.

None of these schools would want to admit you without the JAMB or UTME exam and post-UTME assessment. Previously, the best way to get college admissions without JAMB was through Pre-Degree, but now even Pre-Degree students are required to write JAMB or UTME.

How to gain admission without JAMB to universities, technical colleges, and colleges are basically in two ways and are through IJMB and JUPEB.

These two ways should not be unfamiliar to you if you have once applied for admission. The constant challenge is that many people don’t understand how they work.

Gain admission through IJMB?

IJMB stands for Interim Joint Enrollment Board. It is an advanced full-time program lasting approximately 10-11 months. The start and end time depends on the school.

It is designed to prepare students for entry into the second year of various degree programs of the school you want to study from most especially schools or universities that run this program.

How to Get Admission with IJMB (How It Works)

The program typically lasts two semesters and students are assessed through Continuous Assessment Tests (CAT) taken internally during the semesters and through the external main exam at the end of the second semester of that calendar year.

Depending on the choice of subject, 3 basic subject combinations are expected of each student. Each school will provide you with a list of available courses and subject combinations.

Based on your performance, they (schools) will offer or deny you admission after completing the program.

Gain admission through JUPEB?

JUPEB stands for Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board. Like IJMB, the JUPEB program offers you the opportunity to be considered for admission for direct entry into the 200-level university programs. It is also like IJMB that runs for around 9 – 10 months.

Also, you can use JUPEB to get admission to degree programs from schools in Nigeria. For some schools, you can also be admitted to foreign institutions.

How to Get Admission with JUPEB (How It Works)

To qualify for admission, you must have the required O’ level results. For instance, most tertiary institutions or schools require a candidate to have a minimum of 5 credits in his or her O’ level result(s). Consequently, you need English and Maths and three relevant subjects in one sitting. It can be SSCE/WAEC, GCE, NECO.

Final Thoughts

The applications for each school may be different, so please take the time to learn about the admissions process for each school.

You can choose to study on campus in Benin Republic or go for an online study program. JAMB is not required here.

You can also be admitted to the National Open University (NOUN) without JAMB. Visit their website for more pieces of information.

This article explains more ways to get admission without JAMB

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